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    What I would like Excel to do is if there is an occurence of "AAA, BBB, CCC, etc." in cell A2, I need Excel to place a "1" in the column underneath the appropriate "AAA, BBB, CCC, etc." label heading. Sorry if I didn't state the question correctly. Any further suggestions?


    How would I write a formula, possibly an IF statement, that if text items such as the following, "AAA, BBB, CCC, or DDD" are entered into a cell, that Excel can place a "1" in another cell underneath columns for "AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD, . . . etc."?

    Thanks in advance!

    hi! i'm a beginner in excel and i was wondering if you can enter a range formula in excel. for example, if you enter a number that falls between 1 - 10 then another cell will display "passed" or something like that. hope you can help me.:puzzled:

    Hi Dave,
    Have several excel files (10000 rows x 20 columns) sorted out by column A.
    Need a macro to split them in several sheets at each change of column A and rename each sheet with the name of column A. The change in column A varies from file to file.
    Thank you

    This code works on the example given

    Sub DelNumbers()

    Dim c
    Dim d
    Dim CellEntry

    For Each c In Selection
    CellEntry = ""
    For d = 1 To Len(c.Value)

    If IsNumeric(Mid(c.Value, d, 1)) Or c.Value = " " Then
    c.Value = Trim(CellEntry)
    Exit For
    CellEntry = CellEntry & Mid(c.Value, d, 1)
    End If

    Next d

    Next c

    End Sub


    I need some help with a formula to SUM more than 30 numbers. Specifically, I need to SUM even-numbered rows, (G2:I2, G4:I4, G6:I6, . . .all the way to G62:I62) Since this formula has 31 numbers, Excel gives me an error and says that it can only SUM 30 numbers. Is there another formula that I can use to help me calculate this? Thanks in advance.

    [You can use following:


    where D22 holds the date ]

    I'm new to Excel so please excuse, if I type the above formula into a cell, where would FEB and 2003 be entered so that the formula could calculate "28", the number of days in February, 2003?


    I'm desperately in need of a formula (or something) which will allow me to do the following:

    I have a list, which is laid out as a number list, from 1 to 20, with corrosponding numbersi n then ext column (i.e. number 7 = 32, etc)

    Is there a way in which, when I enter the number into another cell, it will then display that corrosponding number accordingly, and then when it is cleared and a new one entered, it displays the new, relevant number?

    Please help, thanks! :)

    I have added some form objects to a number of sheets eg Option Box and Checkboxs.

    I wish to protect the Worksheet yet want users to be able to toggle these boxes.

    I have unchecked the LOCKED in the Protection Tab in both the Format Control of the objects and also the cells in which the objects are placed.

    However when I protect the Worksheet I cannot use these checkboxes as it says the cells are protected.

    Any suggestions.

    Is there a way to change the color of the cursor? For example the standard cursor is ourlined --- but at times it is hard to see where it is at in a spreadsheet. It would be great to see the cell highlighted where the cursor is. Any suggestions?


    Originally posted by Bohunk
    Thanks for the help guys, it works with this:

    txFoodDiscounts = Format(Val(txmpDisc1.Value) + Val(txmpMiscDisc.Value), "$0.00")

    own up! Mr XL just beat this site to the answer!!! :bouncy:

    chorus of air guitar....:guitar::guitar::guitar:

    i get the idea. Although im currently not getting anything other than the formula coming up when i enter it, although i am assuming c9>0 on your example to be the location of perm sd rather than an empty cell, which could be the problem.

    Probably would of been easier to start it all in Access - but whatever doesnt kill you makes you stronger eh ?

    Thanks for your help all the same.


    Lets see ... when I tried to set up the personal.xls, I created a macro, told it to put it in the personal.xls, closed Excel down, re-opened it up, but the pesonal.xls won't load. That is my problem. It is where it is suppose to be, but won't load. If I create another .xls file and put it under the same XLSTART, the newly created file will load ... but not the personal.xls. I had even removed all of Excel, and then reloaded it from scratch. Still the same thing. The only thing is, I have put the same macros on 6 other machines and this is the only one causing me a problem.