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    I have a formula in my cell that is set up in time 13:30 to be displayed. When I have no values in the two time cells it is adding the cell is displaying 0:00. How can I add to my formula to show a blank cell instead. My formula in the cell is =IF(C5<2359,D5+24-C5,D5-C5).


    Originally posted by Culo789
    I used your watermark sheet and put the image on and everything worked. The problem I think I am doing wrong is how to get the data sheet on the image sheet. I make two windows and after I copy and page link I drag it onto the watermark sheet. I am having a problem with updating the data on the watermark sheet. When I change numbers it won't update on the watermark sheet.

    Alright, do exactly as I say (or as I've already said in the example file).

    On the data sheet:
    1. Select the range.
    2. Click "Copy"

    Now select the sheet with the watermark image.

    On the watermark sheet:
    1. Hold down the SHIFT key.
    2. Click the "EDIT" button on the menu toolbar.
    3. Select "PASTE PICTURE LINK"

    plese note:
    "Paste Picture Link"
    "Paste Picture"

    are NOT the same thing!

    Is it true that the sheet protection in excel is practicaly none ?
    Not even excel 2002 (XP) prevents simple cracking software from removing sheet protection.
    Are there any master keys that cause that ?
    Is there a way to protect a sheet with strong encryption ?

    Thank you all, especially Dave Hawley, YOUR A GENIUS...that has been so helpfull thank you so very much. i had been searching for an awnser for weeks, and luckyly i stumbled upon you people. :bsmile: ......thank you all, everyone who tryed to so happy :bsmile:

    Thanks for your help so far...just one problem with it, i dont know how to use it :) (sorry)

    Ill try to use detail when i explain as im pretty useless with this excel stuff,
    So I am trying to insert a row in a table with 5 columns, one is a total and one is the numbers of stands. i would like, when i insert a new row with my wonderfull failing macro to have it copy the formula and add the total on to the grand total, and have the next number apear in the far left colomn, i have tryed the cell above +1 whitch worked once then keept the same number...any help will be gratfully recived and i will proced to shower you in praise if i can make it work and if i remember :D thankyou for your time.

    Hi Jack!
    I need to do this via code ONLY.
    how do we ensure that floating point numbers in cells dont get truncated or rounded off. For example if cell A1has 5.69, Excel automatically changes it to 5.7. How do we stop Excel from doing this and retain a1 as 5.69 only. All this should be done using VBA code only.Further, if range("b6:bz100") contain numbsers, all the cells in this range should be tested and they should retain their floating points as they are.

    Sorry to trouble u Jack, but could u please do this for me?

    Thank u

    Insomniac, thanks for the suggestion. This is one of the better solutions on the table. Load/Remove images at start/exit would solve some of the problems, but I'm concerned there may be other side effects. If any other forumites have additional suggestions, please submit them.

    My excel file is 1.5 mb. I want to add approx 10 jpg/gif images whose size ranges from 25 kb to 120kb. After adding the images, the excel file is 20 mb. I'm running a new P4 2.5 ghz. The 20 mb file slows down my machine, performance will be worse on other user's older machines.

    I'd also like to keep the images in the excel file to avoid losing them. I need to keep the report for approx 5 years in case i'm reviewed by a state agency.

    I will print the excel file to a pdf document and provide the pdf document to my client. Surprisingly, when I printed my 20 gb excel file to pdf, the pdf file was 400 kb (very acceptable for the final pdf report).

    The self contained pdf file may be adequate for a self contained archive, but it would be nice to ensure I can regenerate the report from the excel file.


    Hi There

    I am trying to do the following ;

    column a is a number
    column b is a percentage

    I want column c to equal column a minus column b !

    sounds simple but i'm having a nightmare working it out !!

    Please help if you can :puzzled:

    I have been trying to create a project in excel for my a level and i cant make it insert a row and put the next number in, my teacher suggested auto numbering if there is such a thing, could you help please?

    hi hutchval,
    I have tested the macro again and it works both on Win98+O2k and Win2000+O2k.
    You just have to put 'LS' into the Input-box (case sensitive). I have allowed for an Input box because one is not stuck with a hard-coded value, you can also delete for 'wildcards' with one or three or more characters (i.e. 'L', 'LLL', 'LLS', ...)
    Regards, Manfred

    On a related topic, I'm trying to insert a jpg image into an Image Control using VB LoadPicture. This works, but creates a huge (many mb's) excel file. The jpg may be converted to bmp.

    Is there a better way to insert a jpg? I can insert the image manually with Insert - Picture without the huge file increase so I know excel can do it.

    My brief testing with ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(FileSpec) show that it will insert the image without the huge excel file increase. Can I specify the insertion location and image size with Pictures.Insert?