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    One more thing and then I'll take a refresher course.... How can I make Excel count the cells as described in the original post AND only count them if another cell has a value.. So... COUNT J1:J80 WHERE J1:J80=Today()-7 AND F1:F80=Pending

    so only count the cells that are within the last seven days and Pending.

    I am trying to count the number of cells with a date within the last 7 days. CountIF supposedly supports expressions, but I cannot get it to recognize the following:

    The function will will work if I enter the date I want to see if the field is greater than =COUNTIF(J14:J31,">01/01/2003"), but I want the date to change for the current day...

    Plz advise...

    I've got a solution that works, but it involves setting a cell to Today()-7 and then entering: =COUNTIF('1.4A'!J2:J31,A9) + COUNTIF('1.4A'!J14:J31,A10) + COUNTIF('1.4A'!J14:J31,A11) + COUNTIF('1.4A'!J14:J31,A12) + COUNTIF('1.4A'!J14:J31,A13) + COUNTIF('1.4A'!J14:J31,A14+'1.4A'!G58) + COUNTIF('1.4A'!J14:J31,A15) + COUNTIF('1.4A'!J14:J31,A16)

    but I don't like this impletmentation....

    In my coursework I need to use the COUNTIF function. I have two worksheets; one is on the results of a sportsday; the others is a medals sheet. The problem is as follows:
    I use this formula:
    The INPUT SCREEN is the name of the results worksheet, and the "1" is comes up in the ranking
    bar and means 1st place and therefore gold medal. I put in the commas, so that EXCEL only counts the "1"s in the ranking bars, and not also in the point bars.
    Th problem that came up, was that EXCEL always marked the third "object" in the formula, in this case, C20 telling me that something was not right with the formula.
    Is there any way to solve this problem; or even another option in counting only the "1"s in the rank bars

    OK, I'll try and give you a better insight as to what I'm trying to achieve :)

    There's a file we have which has a person's name, employee number and their rate of pay, etc

    They want to be able to search by number, which will then display the appropriate, corrosponding xls file with the person's details on ...

    I've got the numbers in one collumn - Name in collumn A and the numbers, along side in collumn B, going through to 70+

    My boss wants to be able to put the number [i.e. 6271] in a search field, and then it will display the relevant form for that person, in another sheet?!

    I have no idea where to start ... :no:

    I have a cell with text, and it's hyperlinked

    for example the cell A1 has text "MY LINK" and it is linked to ""

    I want the cell next to it (A2) to show the url

    so A2 has ""

    If I use "=A1" it only shows the text, not the url. And if I use =Hyperlink:A1 or something similar it has the text and the link, but i ONLY want the link

    Is there a command like "=A1("url")" or something like that to show the url of the text in that cell?

    can someone please reply asap and email me the little piece of code at [email protected]

    thanks in advance

    I have dynamic data displayed within a table in an asp page, and was wondering how to create a link for the data that is displayed in the table to be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet. I am sure this is possible but cannot seem to find how to do it.

    I need to countif, e.g.

    Column A Column B
    01 .5
    01 .7
    01 1
    02 .3
    02 2

    I need the result as follows:

    If Column = 01 then count how many cells in Column B is less than 1