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    I have a spreadsheet with item, cost , sub totals and totals. I want to see what change happens to my total when I change the costs? I can use scenario and get the changes to price but it doesn't show me the change to my total. Is there a way to look at the comparison? are you confused> I am HELP:(


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    i have written some text on column A

    I have 10 sheets. how to use find one time so i get i result.


    I suggest you download the free FlexFind add-in, available from the following URL:

    A brief description of what it does:

    "This utility searches for a string throughout an entire workbook (all worksheets, one sheet or current selection). "




    The web site is but you'll have to be able to read Portuguese if you want to try it. I've tried the web query but as all the pages I'm requesting data from are Active Server Pages then the web query will not work and just returns no data but as they only work for preformatted tables this isn't suprising. I'm still no nearer to finding an answer and may have to resort to writing ana pp that does the whole process and just ignore Excel altogether. The best option would be ablt to paste the HTML code into a brazilian enabled version of excel that already recognises . as , Can anyone think of a way to do this? Thanks in Advance.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I was hoping to avoid using another app in between as this has to be a fast process about 100 get processed every day, so the more steps that have to be taken slows the whole process down and brings in the more chances of mistakes on the user side, but I'll take a look anyway. The text to columns fuction is no good as there is no consistency in line length and it would take far too long for someone to go through adjusting each line individually. I was hoping for something all in Excel that would leave the formatting from the HTML code as it is instead of doing conversions that are downright dangerous where accuracy is concerned. I'll try the New Web Query option and see how that works. Thanks anyway.

    I have a list of addresses on an excel spreadsheet. In one column is the name, in another is the street address etc. The problem is that I would like to make labels from this list (possibly with word). When I try to paste this information on the label, it puts each cell on a different label (so I have a name on one, the street address on another etc) even though I have highlighted all of the information that I want on that label. Has anyone done this before?

    Thanks a million!

    I am trying to use an Array Formula to obtain the value of the nth Largest Ratio within each group. The actual table contains multiple columns. For this example I am trying to find the Largest ratio within each Group. A sample table is

    Group Ratio
    1 15
    1 11
    1 5
    2 6
    2 8
    2 2
    3 12
    3 8
    3 2

    This is only a small sample. I have over 300 rows overing 12 different groups with multiple columns

    Assuming the data range is named GRP and the Ratio values RATIO I have tried the following formula.


    My Error message says that I have entered too few agruments for this function.

    If anyone can assist that would be appreciated.


    I have an Excel workbook designed to keep track of employees vacation and sick time. It contains a master listing of employee names and their hire date on one sheet. Then each additional sheet is a pay period. On all sheets all the names are linked from the first sheet On the first actual sheet, I put a beginning balance of time (in hours) that they have available to take off in one column, then we fill in the time they've taken off for that pay period (which is about two weeks) in several different columns, then a formula to do the math to figure the remaining time in the last column. On the next sheet it's all the same except the beginning balance is linked to the previous sheet's ending balance. The problem is that when we sort by the employee's names to put them in alphabetical order, the linked cells don't move with it on all of the worksheets. Is there something I can do to fix this or should we just not do any sorting??

    The Excel Columns A, B, C... are to renamed with meaningful Text for ease of reading the data in Excel.
    Is it possible? and how to DO. R1C1 referencing will not work.

    ( I hope it is done in Lotus 1-2-3)

    e.g. Column " A" needs to be renamed as "Name", " B" as "Salary"

    Expecting help
    Thanking in advance.


    My reason for automating this is that I actually need to filter the list over 800 times through 30,000 rows of data. So - I can't disrupt the data as such.

    At present I am using a copy.paste method but this is causing memory exception (Dr Watson) errors on our network - citrix server etc. etc. so I'm looking for alternatives to copy.paste and picking up variables is a nice snappy solution - if I can work out how to make the stupid thing work it's way down a filtered list.

    I've filtered a list on a spreadsheet and I'd like to create a sub which can loop through each of the resulting rows and convert the data into a string - strResult=cells(strCounter, 1) sort of thing. I can create the loop but I can't get it to isolate only the resulting rows.

    Any ideas?

    I have a Brazilian table from a web site that I am copying from IE and then pasting into Excel. Even though I format all the cells to Text before I paste Excel 'kindly' ignores all the current formatting and pastes the HTML text on top. - OK BUT the numbers like 500.000 (five hundred thousand in Brazil) becomes 500 (five hundred) - not very helpful when its the figures that I am after and they need to be accurate. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop Excel reformatting the cells (and I've tried paste special but that pastes everything into the first column - just as bad). Help - thanks

    Here's a couple more methods.

    From Howard Kittle:

    With the amount in B1 -

    20's =INT(B1/20)
    10's =INT(MOD(B1,20)/10)
    5's =INT(MOD(B1,10)/5)
    1's =INT(MOD(B1,5))
    Quarters =INT((ROUND(B1-INT(B1),2))/0.25)
    Dimes =INT((MOD(ROUND(B1-INT(B1),2),0.25))/0.1)
    Nickels =INT(ROUND(MOD(MOD(ROUND(B1-INT(B1),2),0.25),0.1),2)/0.05)
    Pennies =ROUND(MOD(ROUND(B1-INT(B1),2),0.05)/0.01,0)

    Or this one, from Shane Devenshire:

    A B C
    200 1 388.55
    100 1 188.55
    50 1 88.55
    20 1 38.55
    10 1 18.55
    5 1 8.55
    2 1 3.55
    1 1 1.55
    0.5 1 0.55
    0.2 0 0.05
    0.1 0 0.05
    0.05 1 0.05
    0.02 0 0
    0.01 0 0

    You enter your possible denominations in A1:A14, in B1 you enter the formula
    =INT(C1/A1) and copy it down to B14, in C1 you enter the starting value, in
    C2 you enter the formula =ROUND(MOD(C1,A1),2) and copy this down to C14.
    Column B is the desired result.