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    Hello, I am starting out with more advanced feature of Excel, and I have been trying to solve some problems.

    I believe that it is mostly about Pivot tables, Vlookup, IF function? Please, see attached EXCEL file with the data to better grasp the problem.

    Q1: Show in one table the number of merchants per sales specialist. Highlight in a scalable way sales specialist with more than 40 merchants
    - Here I'd use pivot table, which is pretty easy. (not sure how to highlight the 40+ merchants though)

    Q2: Modify the raw data table to add category group information to each line. Clarity of formulas will be evaluated (Hint: Search function, data table)
    - No idea how to classify the data here

    Q3: Modify the raw data table to calculate points for each merchant signed. Show in one table the number of point per sales specialist with a category group break down
    - Not sure what to use here and how to create a function
    Q4: How many listings have been obtained for companies that contain the word 'Software' as part of their merchant name?
    - can be done by search function

    Q5: Show in a chart the number of points that have been obtained by sales specialist for all product lines that belong to the category group Hardlines
    - i tried using pivot table, and then Slicers. Though, I don't know how to create a function to identify the ranges (1-19=0,5 points, 20-149=1 point etc.) and classify the ranges

    Thank you in advance for any help with my learning!