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    Re: Code search when select Option button

    I try this code i don't know this correct or incorrect


    Re: Code search when select Option button

    Quote from pike;790017

    Hello you can change the control that initiates the code

    Private Sub OptionButton1_Click()
    ' Select OptionButton1
    'Private Sub TextBox6_Change() 'Code 1

    Private Sub OptionButton2_Click()
    ' Select OptionButton1
    'Private Sub TextBox6_Change() 'Code 2

    Hello Pike Thank you I Try that it not work

    I'm having trouble with OptionButtons (the code was working) I don't know how to fix it. I want to search data from textbox with OptionButton. I want to select OptionButton1 for Code1 and OptionButton2 for Code2. Can someone Edit it Help Me Please.

    Re: search using textbox and display on list box in userform

    Quote from blxck;781883

    no, it start with column D with row 1 being the header row and data starting in cell D2.

    and yes, i have changed my dynamic named range to ("myData")

    Great it's work for me :thumbcoo: how to edit this code when i choose optionbutton 1 to select this code or optionbutton 2 to select another code

    i am having a trouble with my application.i keep on getting error message of could not set list property,invalid property Rowsource ListBox1.RowSource = "_ListMatch" can someone tell me what is wrong with the code??