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    Re: Move cell data to another worksheet dependent on checkbox being ticked

    Hello Lovely Carim,

    Sorry I have not responded I have been meaning to for a long time but work has been crazy busy!!

    The final worksheet you sent is NEAR PERFECT!! :saychees: The ONLY thing that does not work is clauses 9.13 and 9.14. If you select 9.13 on the master page (first page) it pulls through the headings of 9.13 and 9.14 but not the risks, and if you select 9.14 on the master page, it only pulls through the title.

    I have tried to fix it but as you can probably tell - my skills in Excel are limited to merging cells and adding borders. If you could fix this final thing you will be the greatest person in the world and I will have to do a little dance with excitement!!

    Hope you are well and thanks again 10,000 times for all the help you have given me! x

    Re: Move cell data to another worksheet dependent on checkbox being ticked

    You are a genius Carim!! :music:

    I am still unsure what modifications are needed. I know I demonstrated this to the teams that will use it and they were super excited!!

    Hopefully they will let me know and then I can ask you again. If you ever move to England please let me know and you can come and work with me!! :)

    You are the BEST!! :)

    Re: Move cell data to another worksheet dependent on checkbox being ticked

    Hello again Carim,

    I've broken all your hard work - I am so sorry! :(

    I look after two companies - therefore two Risk Assessments. I though it would be best if I pulled through all the Risks (for both companies) into one spreadsheet (Worksheet 1), and added the new risks to each page and now it doesn't seem to work as perfectly as you made it work!

    I started to highlight the new Risks I had copied from another worksheet in Red (but gave up towards the end!) Please find the revised Risk Assessment attached and I owe you a thousand apologies for it not working as it did before! :(

    Re: Move cell data to another worksheet dependent on checkbox being ticked


    You guess correct - I am impatient!! :)

    That works very well apart from the following:-

    1) I cannot double click to get an X (although I can type an X and press prepare report and it does hide all other cells on worksheet 1 that have not been selected so its not really a problem

    My next question is how would I get all the hyperlinked information (ie risk linked to B9, B11, B12) to appear in worksheet 2 for example as one long list of "risks"?

    I cant believe how clever you are!! I think it will take me 100 years to understand this :)

    Re: Move cell data to another worksheet dependent on checkbox being ticked

    Hi Carim,

    Yes that is correct - the first worksheet is the starting point (a checklist that needs to identify the risks associated to the work) this is completed and sent out to the customer in addition to the actual risks identified

    For example on the Current Risk Assessment spreadsheet I sent through, the risks could be 1.1 from Worksheet 1, only 2.3 from worksheet 2 (not 2.1 or 2.3), 9.4 (but not any others) from worksheet 9 and so forth.

    I dont know the easiest way of doing this but I basically want the summary sheet still on worksheet 1, the list of risks identified on worksheet 2 (no matter what "category" or worksheet they currently belong to) and anything else not checked on Worksheet 1 deleted.

    I never thought it would be so difficult to explain! :) Thats why I thought a VLOOKUP would work (and I actually know how to do that! :-)) Myinitial thought was to "tick" the relevant risk on worksheet 1, pull the "Risk Number" associated to Worksheet 2, then VLOOKUP the risk number from Worksheet 3 to pull all the rest of the info together

    But i am genuinely open to ANY ideas (and appreciate Im not the best at explaining it!

    I'm hitting day 4 of sending myself a little insane with this now lol!! :)

    Thanks for everything

    Re: Move cell data to another worksheet dependent on checkbox being ticked

    Hi Carim,

    It would be quite repetitive. Ill try to give you more detail (without sending you to sleep! :-))

    Current Process
    Please see attached generic Risk Assessment. The current process is the contract manager puts an X next to each risk associated with the work on the first Worksheet and then they are meant to go through all the other worksheets and delete the risks that arent associated with the work (ie do not have an X next to them on the first worksheet) This in itself is time consuming, however most of the Contract Managers dont bother - they just put an X next to the risks involved on Worksheet 1, then send the WHOLE document out to the customer (all 80+ pages and expect the client to match up the risks ticked on the front sheet!)

    Dream Process
    The Contract Manager would tick the appropriate risk on Worksheet one, The risk number would pull through to Column A on worksheet 2, and then a VLOOKUP would look through ALL the risks (which I would put in one big worksheet in Worksheet 3, rather than 30 off worksheets!) and pull through the info relating to the risk number into worksheet 2

    I really hope that makes sense and wish to thank you a million times over for your patience and assistance :) You are fabulous!!

    Re: Move cell data to another worksheet dependent on checkbox being ticked

    Thanks so much for responding again!

    I am setting this up for people who are even more clueless than me with Excel (if thats possible) so I could work with a Yes / No (but just thought it would be easier with a checkbox for them!)

    Basically the info pulled over from worksheet 1 to worksheet 2 will have a VLOOKUP set up from worksheet 3

    For example:-

    If from worksheet 1 checkboxes 1.1, 4.1, 5.1 etc were checked, these numbers would pull over to worksheet 2 (Column A) then Ill set up a VLOOKUP to pull the corresponding risk info from worksheet 3 into worksheet 2 (column B to L)

    This was my plan anyway! :)

    Hi All,

    I have been working on the following for three days solid and still cant figure it out!

    On Worksheet 1 (RISK CHECKLIST) I have a list with checkboxes assigned to each row in Column B. If the checkbox in Column B is ticked I want it to copy the corresponding number in Column A of worksheet 1, and paste it in column A Worksheet 2 (called RISK ASSESSMENT)

    I still need to enter the checkboxes in Worksheet 1 B12 onwards but Ill try and explain a different way

    Worksheet 1 - B9 AND B11 boxes ticked, copies data in A9 and A11
    Worksheet 2 - Pastes the above into A8 and A9

    If anyone can help me with this I will be forever grateful (and will sleep better :-))

    Thanks a million

    Hi, I am really new to Excel coding and do not know where to start with this so was praying someone could help me?! :)

    On Worksheet 1 (RISK CHECKLIST) I have a list of Risks, and a checkbox against each risk in Column B. If the checkbox in Column B is ticked, I want to move the corresponding number in Column A to Worksheet 2 (RISK ASSESSMENT) Column A

    For example:-

    Worksheet 1
    B8 and B10 checkbox ticked
    Copies cell data from A8 and A10

    Worksheet 2
    Pastes data into cell A8 and A9

    I have attached the spreadsheet to help explain things further (please note I still need to add checkboxes on RISK CHECKLIST from B12 onwards)

    Please help me - I have been trying to do this for three days now and am losing the will to live!!

    Thanks everyone