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    I have an excel formula that looks like this....

    ='S:\Sales\Level 1\Daily Reporting\Daily Progress Report\[Bethel Daily Report - November 2017.xlsx]011117'!$M$16

    But the word "Bethel" needs to be taken from a different cell B3, as it will vary each time.
    Same with the phrase "November 2017" which comes from cell C4.

    How can I automate this?

    I am running a macro within Excel, and would need to show the time taken to run the macro by way of message box (Msgbox).
    So I need to record the time that the macro start- say T1.
    Time that the macro ends- say T2
    Take the difference and report it in minutes and seconds..
    (it takes about a minute and a half….sometimes less than a minute)
    The msgbox should give a message like this:
    “Great! All the columns are successfully extracted.
    This task took X minutes and Y seconds”.
    If it’s less than 1 minute….just
    “This task took Y seconds”.
    Can someone please help?

    I need to select a range, copy it and paste it in anther sheet.
    But the range that I need to select is rather complicated.
    The previous code calculates 2 numbers:
    I need to select from
    Cells (Start_Row, 2) to Cells (Start_Row+ Length_Row-1, 2)
    Then copy this range and do ‘paste values’ only in a sheet called “Temp123” in cell $C$6.
    Can somebody please help?

    I will need to load a text file into excel into a particular worksheet called “Temp_Cal” in cell “A1”… the text file should be loaded as delimited and the delimiters are tab and space only.
    As an input I have the folder location in an excel cell…lets say Sheet1 in cell C3
    And the file name is also in an excel cell lets say Sheet1 in cell C4
    Using the values in Sheet1 cell C3 and Sheet1 Cell C4 as my input, I need to create a string with the file name and location, then open the text file and insert it into Excel Sheet (“Temp_Cal”) from Cell “A1” onwards…
    Can someone please help?