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    Re: Display a certain Worksheet based on drop down list

    Yes they match exactly and I did make sure I changed all of the A1s to D30s....Ok it looks like after I select the city, I have to click around on my Main page and then re-click on the drop down menu and then it switches to the correct tab...Is there anyway to make it so they click an "OK" button to activate the code? Would that be easier?

    Re: Display a certain Worksheet based on drop down list

    Thank you. I tried that but I get a subscript out of range message. I changed the reference cell to "D30" on the "Main" tab since that is where the drop down list is. When I choose a city from the drop down list (I created that in Data Validation) nothing happens...My drop down has about 20 cities. So if the user chooses Miami, then I need for the tab labeled "Miami" to appear in something like a display box....I hope this makes sense.

    I am in need of VBA help with calculating the distance between two cities. The starting point will change depending on the employee, but the destination will remain constant. I need for it to then give me the mileage in column J and Travel time in column K for each person. I have looked at other codes and can't seem to get anything to run correctly.

    Re: Code to calculate total length installed based on number of pages that are entere

    Bryce: I cannot post a sample workbook...what I deal with proprietary. However, the equation is simple. =(B13*B14)/12....this information is stored in cell B15 on any page that is added. So if I add 15 pages I need all of the B15 cells to sum and place the sum on my "Main" Sheet. But I need it to recognize that if I start with say 15 pages and then I decide to add 4 more pages, it will sum the additional B15 cells.

    I have the equations to calculate the data is entered (daily total length installed), but I need the equation to add each daily based on the number of sheets the user requires. The equation would pull the data from the same cell reference(just different sheets). For example: if the user enters 10 pages, I need the code to add the data from the 10 cells and place it on my main screen. But if the user only needs 5 pages, I need it to do the same. It would also need to be able to recognize that the user has added a sheet after the project has begun (I have this option setup for them using an ActiveX control).

    I have the code to force the user to enter in their name/date/time when they open the workbook. But I do not know how to get it to save to the next line and not overwrite the same line each time.

    Re: Force the user to enter name/date/time before they can continue and save to new l

    Mr Sidman,
    The additional code you provided continues to give me an Error "End If without block If". What I am needing is when the workbook is opened, the user is prompted to enter their name, date and time (and to ensure they cannot go further until they do). I need that information to be stored(which it will when they save it), but when the workbook is reopened the last information is not overwritten. Essentially it is a log book...

    I have code written for the user to enter their Name, Date and Time when they open the workbook. However, I do not know how to make it so they have to enter that information before continuing, or how to write the caode to save the information to a new line each time they enter the workbook. I need this to be a log...

    I have written code to prompt the use to enter their name, date and time. I need the code to save the data in a new line each time the workbook is opened. I also need to make sure that the information is entered before they can change data on any other sheet. I have also written code for the user to enter in the number of sheets they need added, but it produces a blank sheet and I need it to copy all the data from "Sheet2" to the new sheets and all new sheets to be placed after "Sheet2". Below is the code for my first question:

    Here is the code for when the user enters the number of sheets they want: