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    I need to display Excel Sheet in a Browser and I want to disable
    the Right Click and Menu of Excel(File, Edit).
    So in the method Workbook_Open i coded following

    It works fine, but if I open Excel application before viewing this HTML page(which contains XLS) and then the option are also disabled in Stand alone Excel application. I want to disable option when for this Sheet which is opened.

    Could somebody help me in solving the above problem.

    Re: Collapsable Tree

    This looks great for me, could you please let me know how to do the same in the current excel sheet, i don't want in a new window.

    I can reserve first Five to Seven columns of xls sheet for the tree and if the tree expands then horizontal can appear between 1st to 7 columns. Similar to Frames in HTML

    Hi Experts,
    Could you people tell me how to create a collapsable tree in Excel using VBA.

    Note: There is restriction that I cannot use ActiveX

    A small example will be very useful.

    Thanks in advance


    Re: Disable Cells

    i tried doing this i got an error. My requirement is my worksheet is protected
    with few cells editable. Now based on the one of the data of editable cell I need to protect other cells to be entered.

    I'm new to the VBA coding, could you please let me know how can we
    disable/enable a cell based on a condition which is dependent on other cell data

    Re: Macro Not Called

    Thanks for your reply.

    For me it really does NOT matter whether user has entered the data or NOT
    , If the Cell does have value then I assume the value to be zero for my calculation. Most of the web user are not used this kind of data entry. They would like to enter data and directly click on the button to execute functionality.

    I put the first statement of macro as MsgBox "Hello World" and this message is NOT displayed when I click on the button as the focus is still on the Cell. Is it NOT possible when user clicks on a Button set the focus out of cell and focus it on the button?.

    Thanks in advance

    I have Form Button in Excel Sheet which Calculates by reading other excel sheet. Now the problem is when user enters data in a Cell by double Clicking on it and after entering data if he directly clicks on a button then Macro that needs to be invoked is NOT executed. The only way is that he needs to press EnterKey OR Click on any other Cell and then click on the button.

    I'm new to VB Coding , could anybody help me in resolving the issue