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    Re: Set ComboBox RowSource to Excel Spreadsheet UserForm Control

    Hi Rory,

    Thanks for the insight. I did try Dan's code and it worked in the sense that it didn't cause an error, but the combobox is still not showing any values in the list.
    Do you by chance know if there is a newer version of the spreadsheet control, or an alternative / comparable control?


    I am trying to limit the amount of data is in hidden sheets in a workbook. I would like to transition some of that data to a userform containing the Excel Spreadsheet Control, and use that data as a RowSource for various ComboBoxes and ListBoxes. However I am unable to link the source data on the spreadsheet control to the comboboxes via the properties menu or through VBA code.

    Below is an example of what I am trying to do.

    Public Sub rwsrc()
    Recall.ComboBox1.RowSource = RecallForm.Recall.Sheets("sheet1").Range("a1:a8")
    End Sub

    Please let me know if this is even possible.