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    I tried that but that doent solve my actually dont allow you to make much changes in pivot if i want customer or region in filter field ...i cant change it...


    i am looking for a solution , where i have 2 sheets of data and i want to create single pivot table...2 sheets data is same except month....first sheet is till jan to oct and 2nd sheet is for nov
    i know there is option to consolidate sheets in pivot table and i am able to create it but i need mutiple option to be in filter category in pivot, which i am not able to do...

    untill now i have created pivot table (sheet attached) but i want Area,category and region in filters and common name in rows , count of ACT1 in values and month in columns.

    Any suggestion appreciated.


    I am looking for a formula which show data on my main page as per selection on I3 and I6.

    We have 3 different regions and 11 departments.

    So on main page if we select IND and ABC then formula should display data for ABC for ss,aa,nn and gg.

    Every thing else is formula based, we need only these 4 fields to be filled up.

    Thank you for taking time to study it.

    Just one thng more...i want to add attachment as well so i have added strlocation as string and then givning "strlocation = "C:\Users\VVA0\Desktop\New folder\Raw Sheet.xlsm" below strbody but it not picking it up.....please suggest what is wrong here


    I have 2 separate codes, extension to the earlier post.

    First (Generate Mail), will open outlook mail and insert some text and hyperlink to it ( Still looking for a way to convert link to one word text)

    And second one (by Ron Debruin) which paste excel table into mail.

    How can we combine these 2 so that we have complete mail with text, hyperlinks from first code and table from second code.

    Please suggest, I am sure lot of folks looking out for this solution.

    Attaching file as well.

    Thanks in advance

    Same question has been posted in another forum as well, if got any reply will post here for benefit of others

    Do any one have any knowlegde about think cell...which is add in feature of Microsoft power point....Please let me know so that i can share my query..Thanks

    Apart form this...i am attempting to create another one......similar to above .....As per week selected in Summary tab.....It should compare (Vlookup Formula) in Vlookup sheet.
    Comparison between SF data in calculation sheet and week data as per selection in summary sheet....

    For example if we select week 19 then code will got to calculation sheet and copy SF data till end and copy in vlookup sheet in col. A and then go to Weekly data sheet and copy week 19 data from col. H till end and paste in vlookup sheet in Col. B...then we aplly vlook up formula in Col. C to find out B in range A:A.

    And last it should filter col. C with creteria #N\A & copy details of Col. B, paste in Leaves sheet. One more thing as above can we have refernce of SF Data and name of the week in Cell A1 n B1 that we dont need to scroll to Summary sheet to find out which week data we are comparing.

    It is quite big issue,,i hope i am able to explain it.

    Thanks in advance for looking at it..

    Thanks Daves...the only thing remaining is we can also get headers as if i run code for week 18 then it should also copy and paste headers of wee18 apart from details for "Yes"....this is just to let user know they are watching week18 data right now....they dont need to scroll to summary tab again to find out for which week data they are find out.....or you can provide another option if you have....Thanks for the code again


    I am looking for a code which can filter data and then paste in another sheet called "FTEs"

    Basically we have multiple weeks data in one sheet, so what we need is we will select a week in Summary sheet and code will go to Data sheet and filter that particular data in Col.D and serach for all "Yes" and then paste in FTEs sheet.

    [FONT="Calibri"]For example…if I select week 20 in summary tab then it should display only week 20 data in FTEs tab.

    Attaching the sheet as well.

    thanks for taking time out for this.[/FONT]

    Re: Opening outlook mail


    I have another situation , where I am using one code to automatically sent outlook mail but in CC field I am able to use only 20 email ids. Is there any limit to in it or we can use unlimited email ids.


    Hi, I am trying to open outlook mail from VBA and I tried to copy one of the code in this forum but I am not able assign this code to my macro button.
    Here is the code
    [vb]Function EmailText() As String
    Dim ObjOutlook As Object
    Dim MyNamespace As Object
    Dim i As Integer
    Set ObjOutlook = GetObject(, "Outlook.Application")
    Set MyNamespace = ObjOutlook.GetNamespace("MAPI")
    For i = 1 To MyNamespace.getdefaultfolder(6).Folders("IT Service").items.Count
    Sheet1.Cells(i, 1).Value = MyNamespace.getdefaultfolder(6).Folders("IT Service").items(i).body
    Set ObjOutlook = Nothing
    Set MyNamespace = Nothing
    End Function[/vb]