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    Thank you for the code. I apologize but I cannot figure out how it get it to work.
    Do I first put the textbox and lable on the sheet and then edit code? Or do I open the Script editor? I am lost.

    I am sorry for the ineptness. Any help you can give me is appreciated.


    I have an excel file I made that is like a dictionary. I have about 10,000 lines showing an english word and the adjecent column as the word's meaning in Japanese.

    I would like to make a type of index search function. Just like in excel help index when you start to type a word as you add more letters it jumps the word on the sheet.

    for example:
    In my search box I type:
    c - then iit jumps to the first c word in the list
    ca - then i go to the first ca word
    car - then I go to car.

    This is what I am after. I assume that it would be a vba application.

    I think that the control box should be in a frozen frame so it stays still but the unfrozen pane can jump to the correct word.

    Thank you in advance for the help.


    I am tring to write a formual to calucate commission for sales of an item. I started with an IF statement and found that i have more than 7 statements which makes the IF statement unusable.

    Here is the deal.
    1) for up to 250K the commission is 10%
    2) on the next portion up to 500K is 7%
    3) on the next part upto 1000K is 5%
    4) on the next part upto 2000K is 3%
    5) on the rest over 2000K is 2%


    If the sales price = 1200K
    1) = 25K (250K*10%)
    2)= 17.5K (500-250K = 250K * 7%)
    3) = 25 K (1000K -500K = 500K * 5%)
    4) = 6K (1200k - 1000K = 200 K *3%)
    = 73.5K

    Just in case K=1,000