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    Re: Hide Sheets Before Saving

    Thanks for the hints. I was looking for an option to hide all the tabs except one automatically upon saving.
    I have seen something like it before where a macro was placed into ThisWorkbook and ran automatically when the workbook was saved. I have tried to do this but my skills are not up to the challenge. (I wish I had taken note of the macro when I saw it!!!)


    I want to add to existing macro's the option to select a printer before the job goes to the printer. How can I get Excel to provide a list to select from the available printers on the network and process the job.

    Re: Self Destruct Workbook After Not Logging In Within 30 Days

    I think that several people out there are missing the point and I'll try to explain it a little more accurately.

    1. The workbooks were originally created on my own time at home as a model for a backup process that my current employer uses. We had no definitive backup process to employ should our systems go down.
    2. On the occasion that our system was unavailable for sixteen hours due to hardware failure we used my spreadsheets to provide the information to the relevant departments to manufacture and distribute bread products.
    3. The process I had created worked so well that it was instituted to augment our process and run in tandem creating a simultaneous dual system to supply the required information.
    4. As persons came and left our company they took copies of my worksheets with them as they were designed to work both within and outside our existing network.
    5. Most of these people had little knowledge of Excel and even less of VBA but enough intelligence to buy a password breaker for $20-$25 from the internet.
    6. I have found out that several other people are spreading these workbooks as their own and I know of one instance where a person I trained to use Excel has gone to a competitor and has secured employment using my workbooks.
    7. Litigation is not an option. Not only is it time consuming it is also very expensive and I do not have interest in pursuing these individuals. Eventually they will be found out for what they are.
    8. My interest is mainly within the data and the process to create (bread)formulations contained within these workbooks.

    Summary: I am no genius with Excel. I had enough knowledge of both our process and Excel to create something to fill a need. Some of the code and calculations were gleaned from sources such as this site and with help from Excel devotees from Pakistan, Japan and USA.
    I have given credit within the code to those people who have helped me and my employer is well aware of my limitations. I would like to secure the data as well as the code and calculations but if I can only secure the data I will be extremely happy.
    I am currently creating a new set of workbooks to integrate with our system that contains password access to the workbook but after speaking with my bosses they would like to see some form of added security for their data.

    I need a macro that records users accessing a workbook over a network and if I have not logged in after a 30 day period it will replace all calculations with data and if possible wipe all macros.
    I have tried to nut this out but time is against me.

    I have had my work taken to other sites within our business and passed of as their work, and it bugs me.

    Any help will be greatly apreciated.

    Re: Convert Formulas to Values If Condition Met

    Interesting code, and I get what you are trying to do. But this workbook is opened daily by various users and the user names and passwords are stored in an worksheet. I would like this worksheet to also hold a record of who logged in and when the list hits 30 names,and my name was not on the list it would activate the code to overwrite the calculations.

    Re: Convert Formulas to Values If Condition Met

    Thanks for the help, but I need to implement the code on a set of conditions (eg. when I have not logged on after 30 days). I have the login code all built but every time I include code to implement the subroutine it either runs immediately or not at all.

    I am in need of a macro that will automatically copy and past the data values over calculations in all worksheets if a person does not log in after a set number of days.
    I have already created the login code and it is working fine but I want some added security so others do not take my work and use it.

    Re: Different Views Of Same Worksheet

    I think that I may be better off sitting down and getting a true understanding of VBA.
    Although I have written some basic macro's much of the code presented here i do not have a clear understanding of.
    I can create a UserForm and get it to appear, it's just getting it to do what I want it to do is the hard part.
    I was hoping to eliminate up to sixty individual macro's by using UserForms.

    I thank you for your time and effort, the failing is not with you but with my understanding and the pressure of available time.


    Re: Multiple Options Selection Macro

    Thanks for the input.
    Have not tried it out yet but how can you select multiple options.
    I am assuming that you would assign code to all options and those selected will run in sequence.

    I need to allow users to select from several different views of the same worksheet by selecting a checkbox from a userform??. I have currently five separate macros and associated buttons that perform this function but the Control sheet is getting rather cluttered with buttons and the users are getting confused.