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    Looping Column search based on value then performing code and repeat:

    I'll be clear that currently the code has no errors. Currently it finds the first instance in Sheet 5 column K that equals Sheet 4 Cell "F19". Then it runs some copy paste code and ends without going further down column K.

    What I need is the code to loop and continue down Column K for all the instances that equal Sheet 4 cell "F19" and repeat the copy past code I have highlighted. Any help or example code is appreciated.

    Re: VBA Volitale function controlling rowheight

    cells(target.row,8) is the command giving the target area for 8 columns over (column H)
    Basically the code says if the words "expand" or "decrease" show up in 8 columns over (column H) the row height changes in which row the word is in.

    N7 will change by row eg., N7,N8,N9, and will link to the formula = IF(N7=0,"decrease","expand") Currently in Cell H89 but will go down the H column eg.(H89,H90,H91) etc.

    It currently works, but only if it is manually put in. It does not auto update when the formula Currently the formula =IF(N7=0,"decrease","expand") is put into any cell in column H.
    The row height will change when the formula is initially put in but not after cell N7 changes from 0 to another number or back to 0

    Thanks for the response let me know if you need additional information

    Currently the Code works, but only if I enter the data manually into a cell. Currently the cell updates via a formula
    I have tried making the application volatile and aplication calculation automatic but it added no difference.

    Formula is placed continuously in column H is as follows.

    VBA Code is as follows

    As stated before currently the code only works if I manually type "decrease" or "expand" into the cells, not when the formula updates automatically.