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    Hi Group ,

    Does anyone know how to trap this event:

    Autofilter.Selection Field:=6 ' Resets the autofilter

    I have a spreadsheet with the following activated.

    Auto Filter - Row 2
    Freeze Panes - Variable Range defined in a routine.
    Scroll Area - Set as the UsedRange

    When I set any of the auto filter criteria, the screen
    locks when the cell where the freeze panes is set to is
    hidden by the selection criteria change.

    I have some simple "Quick Filters" as part of a custom
    menu that specifies auto filter criteria on a basis, ie.
    This Week, Next 14 days, Current Month. Where the code
    sets the filter appropriatly on field 6 to the required
    date range.

    The problem is that if the user releases the autofilter
    manually, the freeze panes are set to the first Non-
    Hidden row. So the problem is that this may be the 800'th
    row, not range("I3") which where the Freeze Panes should start.

    What I would like to be able to do, is trap the event
    (after if possible) to re-set the freeze panes location

    I have tried the worksheet_change event, but I can't
    specify the ByVal to Worksheet.Autofilter(This may not
    even be possible) Am I even in the right worksheet event?

    Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Or even a
    stick to point me in the right direction.



    Paul M.

    - Post sent to M$.XL.Programming Group as well.

    Hi Group,

    Phil, Calendar is excellent. I have been having nothing but problems with the Calendar Control (MSCAL.ocx) V10.0. Works fine on one machine, errors on another all with the MSCAL.ocx registered and viewable from Access, just not excel.

    All in all I tried to trap the errors, which is hard (impossible) to do if the errors change from standard installs to CITRIX na dthen from one CITRIX server to another. All in all, I'll be recommending your solution to anyone else that has the problems with our friend M$'s solution to a fully back-ward compatible component.... NOT.

    Here's to phil and his very functional solution. :spin: