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    Re: #VALUE in Nu Correlation Function

    Thanks a lot for your help and for making me learn the trick of 'Exit Function' instead of my habit with using of 'goto 10 (any number)'. I become happy for this exit function trick more than my problem get solved. :)

    Re: #VALUE in Nu Correlation Function

    Quote from pike;794254

    Hello HumanEngineer,
    What are the functions tcL_T and my_pT ?

    They are functions by XSteam (returning water properties for input temperature and pressure values). In order to simplify the add-in function calling, I just copied the XSteam module from the add-in section to my excel modules so I can easily call XSteam functions. I just checked by simple custom functions to check if the tcL_T and my_pT are the cause for this error of #VALUE return from the main function as:

    Function pala(T)
    'pala = tcL_T(T)
    pala = my_pT(4, T)
    End Function

    They returns as they suppose to do.

    Hi All,
    I don't know why this code returns #VALUE. Can you please help me?
    Even I replaced the Do Until loop part with direct equation i.e. something like Nu_Hashmi = 5*Re but still having this #VALUE return from my function.