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    Hi, just been looking here…highlight=enabling+macros

    after a search, and I have downloaded the workbook, but I dont understand the code. maybe someone could help.

    on my network at work macros are disabled by default, and my workbook relies on them. and users wont know they are or what to do!

    is it possible to do this. have excel, open up on a particular sheet (without using macros) that says "you need to do x to enable macros", and have a macro that hides that sheet, so if they are enabled the workbook is usable as normal?

    I tried looking at the code to the enablnig macros download, but not good enough to know what it means, to use it

    help much appreciated, thanks

    Re: Filter by column

    if you transposed your data like this
    info line info line info line

    you would make your life easier, and be able to use auto filters, which would do what you ask.

    you dont have to retype all data, just "copy" >"Paste Special" and tick the transpose box

    Re: 2002

    Quote from Derk

    Things done in older versions of Excel should work in later versions. The reverse is not necessarily true, as new features, functions, and VBA code terms get added in later versions. The only sure way to know is to test on the earlier versions.

    oh right, that could cause me a problem. Is there a list somewhere on the web that tracks what features have been added with each version of excel?

    Re: Checkbox, Bold, toggle

    brilliant, thanks. I tried to adapt it to hide 3 columns that arent next to each other (E G and I)

    tried this

    Sub hideEGI()
        If Sheets("sheet1").Shapes("Check Box 2").ControlFormat.Value = xlOn Then
            Sheets("Sheet1").Columns("E,G,I").Hidden = True
        Else: Sheets("Sheet1").Columns("E,G,I").Hidden = False
        End If
    End Sub

    but its not having it, gives me an error, any ideas?

    Re: Checkbox, Bold, toggle

    Hi I have done a search and found this thread to avoid starting a new one, I have a simialr problem and am wondering if it can be solved in a similar way. I have a check box, which i have linked to a macro called "hideD" (a macro i manually recorded, which hides column D), it works fine so that when you check the box, it hides column D, but I want it to show the column again when the box is unchecked, any ideas on how to do this?


    Re: Removing entries from a list

    Hi, Just tried that, but the autofilter hides the whole row. I need the information to the left of my list to still be there

    this is the formula i tried using the exact function
    but it doesnt seem to work

    any other ideas?

    Re: Removing entries from a list

    Hi thanks for replying, i think i know what you mean.

    one question though, if i have an auto filter on will the filtered values change when I change other cells, for example if a client makes an appointment will they disappear off the autofiltered list?

    Hi I have a large list of clients who need to make appointments. I need to quickly see who hasnt made an appointment with me

    I had this idea, that I have a list of all my customers that are displayed in cells(lets call it list A), and if there name appears in my list of appointments, it deletes their name from list A

    is there any way to do this?

    thought about trying to use the "Exactly()" and "if()" functions but cant do it?

    hope you can help
    thanks in advance

    Re: Vlookup function for empty cells

    hi you can use this function isblank()



    which you can adapt for your ranges

    this finds cell a2 in the range B3:D32, and looks up the cell to the right of it, if it is blank it returns an empty cell, else it returns the value

    hope that helps