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    Can someone help with this file please?
    The Sum doesn’t work properly

    For the Average, I got some assistance by a member here

    I believe this works just fine, however, if something wants to suggest something else, please
    However the most important thing now how to solve the Sum issue

    Hint, the whole reason behind what’s happening the nature of the generated report from where I get my data, as the timing with the date there comes like 1/1/1970 9:02:00 AM for instance, and there will be no possibility to change this

    Please help with this
    I have multiple ranges with identical horizontal and vertical headers, around 30 ranges and each range called One, Two, Three, etc
    Supposedly the horizontal header has A, B, and C
    And the vertical header has X, Y, and Z

    How could I countblank values under A horizontal header for X vertical header (repeated 30 times to confirm) with one formula?

    I’m sorry for bothering you a lot with this file
    Hopefully it’ll be the last time

    Referring to “Staff Members Performance” sheet
    I’m trying to find the average
    With the formula I’m supposed to get 15 minutes (or 0:15), not the value displayed on D6

    I’ve tried another way which is transferring the time values of G column first to minutes by multiplying with 1440, however this is not working for the nature of the generated report of the system which is generating the timing with the date 1/1/1970 (kindly check sheet “1”)

    What I could do with this please?

    Hi guys,

    Can anyone tells why the first formula worked whereas the second one didn't?

    The First Formula:
    =HYPERLINK("[C:\Magdoulin\Reports\Category Summary\2018\August.xlsx]One","Category Summary Egypt")

    The Second Formula:
    =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("""","[C:\Magdoulin\Reports\Category Summary\2018\August.xlsx]One",""""),"Category Summary Egypt")

    Basically the concatenated text will be modified to include cells values later, but I need to pass this pre-test first

    What's wrong here? Can anyone tell?

    Hi Guys, how is everything?
    I have excel sheet contains 3 pictures, Picture1, Picture2 and Picture3.

    How to write VBA code to open specific existing PowerPoint file, delete any pictures in this PowerPoint file first, and then to copy Picture1 and paste in slide 2, Picture2 in slide 5 and Picture3 in slide 8.

    Well, using the two variables because I'm opening the existing file and creating a new blank one
    I've tried to use the same variable to execute both but it didn't work
    that's why I added this extra one.

    So, you mean that formatting the word file through the Excel VBA isn't doable?

    Hi guys,
    How is everything?
    I hope you’ll be able to assist me with the following
    I’m trying to write a code which will open for me an existing word file, create for me a new one, and make the background colour of this newly created file as black and its font colour as automatic.
    So far I’ve accomplished the first and the second step with the following code;

    I’ve tried to execute the third step by the following code but it didn’t work though:

    ActiveDocument.Background.Fill.ForeColor.ObjectThemeColor = _
    ActiveDocument.Background.Fill.ForeColor.TintAndShade = 0#
    ActiveDocument.Background.Fill.Visible = msoTrue

    So, any help please?

    Hi Guys

    Now to open two websites, I use the following code:

    Shell ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe -url")
    Shell ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe -url")

    However, they open in one window by two tabs, how could I make them open in two windows
    And how can I make them open in two sessions?

    This topic was originally posted here:

    Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well, I need a big favor from you as it’s going to be complicated code here

    I need a code to check if named range is there or not by checking the value of cell M3 in sheet Home

    If it exists, to go to the sheet where this named range is there and select it

    If it doesn’t exist, so, we need to create it by:

    • Going to the sheet name displayed in cell M1 in sheet Home
    • Checking the next available empty cell in column C and name it with the needed range name displayed in cell M3 in sheet Home

    However, the coming is the hard part

    • That later on, there’ll be data pasted over a number of cells including the one represents the named range and I need the named range to be redefined to include this new area
    • It’s expected that the new area will start from the direct next left cell from the named range cell down to the last non-empty cell in column C expanding till the right to Column O

    Is it doable?

    I’ve attached a sample file to facilitate this hard request, thank you in advance.