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    Good Morning Fellows,

    Today I’m coming with a kind of hectic request and I’m sorry for that
    However, I hope that I’ll find your usual kind assistance

    Now, simply what I need to do is to build 4 Dependent Combo Boxes
    Not 4 dependent data validation lists, I know how to do that but I don’t want this option, I need that 4 Dependent Combo Boxes option

    I’ve attached sample sheet which is prototype of my original sheet
    As you should see, I need the 1st Combo Box to include the options of X/Y/Z
    And the 2nd one to include A/B/C or D/E/F or G/H/I, depends on the 1st selection
    And the 3rd & 4th Combo Boxes to work the same way

    I know that with Data Validation Lists, Name Ranges manner usually assist a lot
    But here, with Combo Boxes, I’m not really sure how to manage the Name Range manner
    Or is there any other way?
    Please advise, I work in an important project and I need this part to accomplish it

    None of them worked
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong
    Just to confirm, the 1st code I have tried it putting it in seperated Module and in the same sheet, none worked
    the second one, I'm not sure if I've adjusted it in a right way
    The shee name I'm working on is H
    And the list is located in Cell D10
    And I needed font 20 for the list elements
    I've tried the below adjustment but it didn't work
    do I do something wrong?

    But this will zoom in the whole sheet
    Not good for my target
    I need something working on the list element font size itself
    I googled a lot to find something like that
    But all I found was something working on zooming not the font size itself

    I'm afraid they’re not the same
    This’ll be applied on the selection you make from the drop down menu
    But for the menu elements (in the list itself), this code won’t help

    And basically I need the items of the list itself when you get the drop down shown, to be with bigger font

    Guys, what is the way to define drop down list (validation data) in VBA?

    I mean, I have a sheet with many drop down lists, and I’d like to refer to each one in VBA code trying to enlarge the list font size, there is no other way to do it through Excel Programme directly, and the only probable solution left is to try VBA somehow, any suggestions?

    Hi guys,

    Asking you for a quick help
    Now I have the below VBA works properly to hide/unhide rows 2:4

    I’d like to twist it little bit here
    Supposedly I’d name rows 2:4 to some Range Name, say Range Name “Magdoulin”
    How I could rewrite the code to hide/unhide this particular range name in this case?

    Why? Because I intend to build a sheet which would have very dynamic rows interred from time to time and writing the code depending on numbering the rows themselves would be a disaster in this case, so, please help me with that, thank you.

    Re: Macro To Copy A Sheet Multiple Times And Name Sequentially

    Ok, but what about if I wanted the created copies to be named from names written in some cells list as well?
    supposedly I've created 5 copies
    and I'd like to rename them from another sheet called "XX" for example from A1:A5

    What would be the code in this case?

    Hi guys, how are you keeping? I know, I have bothered you too much already and I’m still new member here. But please help me out with this, I’ll always appreciated.

    Now, I successfully created my needed VBA code that I need to operate, the below one

    However, I got unpleasant surprise by the end, the thing that I need my sheet to be with the “Shared” mode most of the time, of course, you all realize now what was the surprise, yes, the VBA code will be disabled with this needed mode, I know, it is very basic rule, but I’m a kind of VBA novice, sorry for that

    I googled what I could do as a work around, I found out that I could apply VBA code to disable the shared mode temporarily, till the original code takes place, and at the time of saving, I could attach pre-saving code which is simply the reverting action back to the shared mode

    When I tested it, I found out that the RunAllMacros, which is designated to turn the shared mode off and to proceed with my original code, works fine at first time, and the other code to turn the shared mode back on at time of saving, works fine at first time as well, yet, when I try again, no, I’m getting error, it’s more like circular error or so

    I can’t understand it, especially that it works fine for each code with the first time, this is happening again and again whenever the file is rebooted

    I saved RunAllMacros in separated module, and of course the other macro responsible to turn the shared mode on in the workbook VBA as I read that it is a must when it comes to pre-save code

    Could you check the attached and advise, what is wrong with it exactly? Thank you in advanced.

    Hi guys, how are you keeping? I'm new to this great forum and I hope that I'll find the need that I seek urgently.

    Kindly check the attached file, now, I have this VBA Code:

    Now, what I need to do really is to replace the first command "Name = Worksheets("Home").Cells(1, "M").Value" to let the VBA execute the formula used in Sheet 'Home'!B9 which is "=IFERROR(HYPERLINK((HYPERLINK(HYPERLINK(VLOOKUP(M1,'DB2'!A2:B24467,2,0),VLOOKUP(M1,'DB2'!A2:B24467,2,0)))),"Click Here"),"Click Here")” and when there is an error, I'd like VBA to proceed with the put error handler

    When I try to execute this by replacing the first line of the VBA with the below:

    Range("B10").Formula="=HYPERLINK((HYPERLINK(HYPERLINK(VLOOKUP(M1,'DB2'!A2:B24467,2,0),VLOOKUP(M1,'DB2'!A2:B24467,2,0)))),"Click Here)"

    I'm getting s syntax error, I've tried to remove the iferror part of the formula as well and got the same exact error, any advice guys?