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    Re: Separate data from each owner into separate sheet?


    Thank you it worked perfectly, Just a simple question as I know it is separate by Project Manager Name, If I wanted to change it by myself to split by something else like for example WO Owner Name I should change which Line in Code ?

    This is only for my knowledge since I want to learn lol.

    Re: Separate data from each owner into separate sheet?

    Dear KjBox

    Thank you for the attachment, I checked your workbook and I got the following yellow error message.

    .[a2].Resize(UBound(oDic.Item(kee), 2), 14) = Application.Transpose(oDic.Item(kee))

    The steps I follow as the following:

    I copy my original data and paste it into Sheet 1. (I did not change or remove the headers existed in Sheet 1).

    Almost 8676 rows been pasted into Sheet 1.

    After running Macro I found split done for Yahya Splited, OGA Shift Splited, Anoop showing Empty Form, the rest did not split).

    After decreasing the amount of rows, it worked again.

    Kindly advise if I did any wrong.

    Note: I could not attach original data due to size limitation of website, even though after archive into Zip file still large as 2.67MB

    Re: Need to calculate status of each owner?



    I try above it work but calculate not correctly, If i do manual it will show wrong count.


    It worked Ok.


    It didn't work, It should calculate all values except for COMP

    What I did is used Pivot Table and I manipluate the sheet.

    Re: Separate data from each owner into separate sheet?


    I checked your code with attached workbook, It worked with the current data, If i put the original data which it is a lot of rows it will highlight this code in yellow:

    With Sheets(yy(LBound(yy(0)))(i))


    Your code work , But I notice the following, After changing data with large data it will show additional sheets but without Project Manager Name, for example Sheet1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3 + The other problem is for example instead of having OGA Shift Department User in one sheet there is a lot of sheets differently but the owner is OGA Shift ! They should be all project manager same into one sheet , not separaetly.

    For example
    Project Manager A in one sheet
    Project Manager B in one sheet

    what happening is for example Project Manager A some rows and columns in one sheet, some of them in another sheets.

    Re: Need to calculate status of each owner?


    I uploaded the spreadsheet again, I highlight the columns which I think there should be a formula to get the count of "Total Complete WO Per Owner" & "Total Open WO Per Owner"

    I know I can do it manually using the filter of WO Status, But it is stressful is there a better way to do it than manual ?

    I hopy my explanation and spreadsheet is clear enough :)

    Re: Separate data from each owner into separate sheet?

    I try to apply below code over my sheet, The problem is that it only copy the data of "OGA Shift - Department User" to separate sheet, but for "Mr Salman Hasan Alaradi" did not copy the data to his sheet, why is that happen?

    Sorry I could not upload my excel file due to size exceed current size allowed to upload excel files.

    Re: Separate data from each owner into separate sheet?

    Ok I try to decrease size of workbook, Please find attached file.

    What I am planning to do is the following:

    To take specific columns from the data sheet and transfer it to each owner sheet in the below.

    Example: Engineering Department - User data owner data should be transfer to Engineering Department - User sheet.

    Columns needed:
    [TABLE="width: 1622"]


    [TD="class: xl64, width: 98"]Work Order
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 351"]Description
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 64"]Work Type
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 64"]WO Status
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 166"]Name
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 108"]Target Start[/TD]
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 101"]Target Finish[/TD]
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 108"]Scheduled Start[/TD]
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 101"]Scheduled Finish[/TD]
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 108"]Actual Start
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 108"]Actual Finish
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 108"]WOCreationDate
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 76"]Record ID
    [TD="class: xl64, width: 61"]IncStatus