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    Try this.

    I know my request is ambitious but i'm perplexed by your code. I thoroughly believe that a human who helps another with beautiful information like this deserves a better future.

    What's the logic behind these three blocks: .
    1) [a4].Resize(lCnt, 11) = z
    2) lCnt = lCnt + 1: ReDim Preserve y(1 To 11, 1 To lCnt)
    3) ReDim z(1 To lCnt, 1 To 11)
    For i = 1 To lCnt
    For ii = 1 To 11
    z(i, ii) = y(ii, i)

    ps it worked! im amazed, perplexed, everyone who helped is k'eng and IDK MY WEEKEND HAS BEEN MADE, I DIDNT KNOW I WOULD FIND SOMETHING AS BEAUTIFUL AS WHAT I LEARNED WITH YOU

    This macro is for a bus workshop, it reviews the excel DB and makes me a report of all the expenses per bus which ends up giving 2k rows.

    Can you please tell me how to speed up this macro? 15 minutes is a lot of time.

    ||| macro below:

    How are you?

    I really need your help to resolve 1 simple question that will enable me to finish my work.

    Question: How can I clear an activex combobox selection with my macros through a VBA sub if i'm not using a form? the activex combobox is in a sheet, without a form.
    Basically I have a macro that reads an activex combobox and does something, when it finishes it's job I need the A.C. to go from [ATTACH=CONFIG]73495[/ATTACH] to [ATTACH=CONFIG]73496[/ATTACH], that's it

    Background info:
    I created 3 buttons to edit, add or delete entries from a list in another sheet acting as a database, the entry to be modified is selected by the user from an activex combobox dropdown list.
    The problem is that after the buttons' macro finishes their job, I need the entry selected to not be selected anymore in the activex combobox for 'cleanliness purposes' and to avoid 'layer 8 mistakes', currently the user selection remains there.