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    I have a tool built on Excel which relies on a COM add-in (SAP EPM client for BPC). On open I need to initiate a database login and report refresh (with EPM provided functions). The issue I'm running into is that the Workbook_Open macro runs *before* the Add-ins have loaded. The Add-in loads (seemingly) immediately after the Workbook_Open macro has concluded. I feel like this is only on a more recent release of Office 2016 (running build 1705),

    • Has anyone else run into this?
    • Can anyone suggest a workaround? Notes:
      • I've tried Application.wait... while "waiting" no COM add-ins load.
      • I've confirmed the add-in is "Installed" with Addins.Installed. Apparent installed is not the same thing as loaded...
      • I've tried installed = false, then installed = true to re-install... still not the same thing and loads after macro has concluded.

    • Is there a way to truly pause a macro and kick-off a new macro a few seconds later (it takes about 2 seconds for the add-ins to load)?

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    Re: _xlfn.MINIFS (MAXIFS, etc.) occasional showing in Excel 2016

    File is saved as an XLSB, though I could try saving it as an XLSM if that might help (though file size would be larger, about 13MB in xlsb). The file is definitely opening in Excel 2016, and when it opens in an errant fashion, all of the "legacy" Excel functions work perfectly. Unfortunately I'm unable to share the file, and repeatability is dodgy at best.


    My machine runs Excel 2016 (Version 1701, Build 7766.2099 in case you're interested), and as you're aware Excel 2013 and 2016 added new functions (MAXIFS, MINIFS, etc.). Occasionally when I open a workbook which uses these functions, it shows #NAME when evaluating any cells relying on these newly added excel functions. I simply need to close and re-open the same workbook on the same machine, often in the same Excel instance for it to recognize these functions and behave as expected, but this feels very buggy (on a workbook I will need to distribute across my organization). Has anyone else observed this behavior, and if so have you been able to explain, predict, or address this issue?

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