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    Re: macro - to create new sheets from a data validation list

    Quote from TheGlovner;799900

    So you have 50 customers in a range (which you use to prompt the dropdown options) and you want to use each customer to create a single sheet per customer.

    Is that correct?

    Is there are good reason for creating 50 spreadsheets? I'm a little confused on the purpose.

    Yes, you are right!

    I want each customer in a single sheet. i.e., 50 sheets Currently it is in a drop down menu and the user has to select each customer to display the product information. It would be easy for the user if there are separate sheets for each customer as they can print the sheets, process the payments and also file the sheets for future reference.



    I have a master worksheet where the user can select a customer name and the respective product and price will be displayed. I have used formulas which pull data from another worksheet.

    There are more than 50 customers (as a DATA VALIDATION LIST). When a user selects customer A, the relevant product and price get displayed. Is there a way to create 50 sheets using a macro for all the customers listed in the Master Sheet along with the template.


    Customer A

    Product A Price
    Product B Price
    Product C Price
    Product D Price