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    All I need is simple:

    The code should

    1. Open file explorer after I click the "Open file explorer" button on a worksheet.

    2. After selecting a document in a file explorer and clicking open the document needs to simply open regardless of what file type it is. Wether it be PDF, JPG.,Word Document, Excel document. etc.

    I have spent an entire day and then some trying to figure this out. The closest I have gotten to this is is


    I have searched EVERYWHERE for this so please don't ask me if I have googled this or searched other forums because I HAVE. All of the answers I have gotten have me directed to solutions that center around selecting excel files. I need the file explorer to open ANY file I select not just excel files. I don't need a file path extracted from the selected document and pasted to the excel sheet. I don't need the document name extracted from the selected document in the file explorer and put in a text box in a userform. I just need the document no matter the file type to simply open. I have asked this question on StackOverflow and it got downvoted 4 times. Not sure why but I am sure it's because those who have downvoted this feel the question has been asked in some way or another by someone else...but here we question has not been answered and I have googled this multiple times in multiple ways and nothing comes up that helps.

    If anybody has anything they could offer that would help this would be huge.


    Thank you in advance

    I am trying to enter in information in a database that I have in excel using a userform. The catch here is that I need to be able to enter data into a specific cell using a text box. For example, I open the userform and in textbox1 I type 123 in textbox2 I type 321. When I hit the submit button in the userform the code should look for the text "123" in a specific column. If the text "123" exists in the column specified in the code then it should take the data entered in textbox2(321) and put it in a cell adjacent to the cell containing the text 123
    I have combed the internet looking for a solution to this and only found one that only sort of worked.
    This will be for a database that will have a ton of information on it. Having a function like this would make it a lot easier for someone to update information on the database. You could have for example a list of phone numbers and names. With this function it would allow you to enter a name in one text box and a new phone number in the second text box. You could then update an individuals phone number when pushing the submit button.
    Any suggestions would be a huge help.
    Thanks in advance!
    Below is what I have so far that I found on another post here on Ozgrid. It doesn't seem to work. Then again it could be because the code wasn't at all intended for what I would like it to do. Which is why I have my own question posted here and not posted a reply to the source of my information. (My knowledge of VBA is limited to puzzle piecing code together that I can find that seems to work.)

    Below is another forum where this question is posted:…acent-cell-using-a-userfo