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    So, I have a table which displays all the row names as shown below. I need to extract the text marked as bold for specific rows. What's the best way to do this?

    1st Row -> Cash from Operating Activity (Operating Activity)
    2nd -> Operating profit (Operating profit)
    3rd -> Working Capital Changes (Working Capital)
    4th -> Taxes paid (Taxes Paid)
    5h -> Cash from Investing Activity
    6th -> Fixed Assets Purchased (Fixed Assets)
    7th -> Fixed Assets Sold
    8th -> Cash from Financing Activity
    9th -> Net Cash Flow

    So it looks like you're using the code that clicks the link. If you simply want check whether the link was found and clicked, you can use a Boolean variable to keep track of the status...

    Perfect! This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you so much.

    Thanks. It worked like a charm! The webpage opens and the cell : "Cash from Operating Activity" is clicked, displaying the pseudo row elements. Now, when this happens, I want to check whether the 'Click' event has occurred within the macro, to continue with rest of the program execution. "Is it possible to add a Javascript event like, 'isClicked' to a macro?

    After the URL mentioned in the code below is opened, the macro should simulate a click function on the 'Cash Flow' table by clicking on the row ' Cash from Operating Activity', which adds pseudo element rows to the webpage.