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    Hello all,

    I was wondering if someone could help with the last piece of the puzzle. With numerous guides and code snippets I've managed to get the below partially working, however, what I would like is for the resulting data to be pulled in to Excel. I know it is possible, but cannot figure out how to do it.

    The code below does everything the way I want, however I cannot pull the resulting data back in to Excel after "get element by ID convert" has run.

    For info, column A (any column really, doesn't matter) contains a list of UK postal codes (example data below):

    RH13 6EW
    BT14 7LN
    SA31 1TP

    Can anyone help? Where it pastes the data to is irrelevant at the moment. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Hello all,

    Is anyone aware of any changes to the way Google Map links work within Excel? I have a large spreadsheet setup which uses various mapping sites to help identify key information. Yesterday, a hyperlink to Google Maps become non functional, while other links (Open Street Map, Street Map, Grid Refernce) are still working fine. Please see the attached image showing the error message, as well as hyperlink formula.

    Is this an issue within Excel or have Google changed the way their maps work? Searching online has revealed that there are either Internet Explorer (work offline, no longer present in IE11), or registry issues, however, as some hyperlinks are working and not others, I don't believe this to be the issue. Firefox is the default browser.


    Hello all,

    Courtesty of this forum, I began to use the following code to help me output approximately 30 worksheets, to seperate workbooks. Frequently, some of those workseets contain no data from row A2 and down. I was wondering how could I stop the macros from generating, what are essentially blank workbooks? Row A1 will always have a header row, hence why it would need to identify that row A2 is blank.

    This Macro is called from another which runs through a long list of data, copies relevant rows to indiviual workbooks depending on the cell contents, then, eventually outputs that worksheet to a seperate workbook, which is then emailed out to be actioned. Currently I need to manually check for those which are blank and delete them before running an email macro to send them out.

    Hello all,

    I'm currently getting very frustrated with what I expect will be a very simple issue to resolve. Would someone please look at the code below and offer any advice?

    I have a group of macros set up to run through a source workbook, split in to 27 seperate sheets, format each one, then export to a master copy. Everything works fine and it does what I want, however, I'm having difficulty in exiting the code when a specific condition is met. Each created worksheet will have a specific name taken from a cell in the sheet, however, the macro will simply not end when it gets to the final worksheet, it comes up with a run time error. It's not a huge issue as everything runs fine, I just want the error message to not show up. The code for the "broken" section is below.

    The issue I have is towards the end with ActiveSheet.Next.Activate. It runs perfectly well, however, when it gets to the final sheet, it won't stop. I've tried naming the final sheet to get it to stop then, no joy. I found and modified the sub Test1() and still no joy, tried naming the last sheet again and exiting, ending, killing, I can't work this out..

    All I want it to do is run through each worksheet, export it to the template file, save close and move on to the next one until there are no more sheets. I suspect this is incredibly easy to do, I can't figure it out.

    As I said, it's not a vital issue, the code works and does what I want, I just don't want it to have to runtime error when it gets to the last sheet. Thank you in advance!

    Hello all,

    After much experimentation I've managed to get some loop code working to speed up a project I have.Currently, the code looks through a long worksheet to find a specific name in a column, then, copies the entire row to another worksheet which matches the name required. Then, it saves a copy of that worksheet to a workbook on my desktop.

    I was wondering if there was a way to get this information copied in to a template workbook, save that with a specific name, then move on to the next name in the list and repeat the process. Open a template work book containing three worksheets, loop through main workbook to find name X, copy all rows where X exists and copy in to sheet 1 of the template workbook, save as name X, then move on to the next one until complete.

    Please see below some code I'm using to do this, as I don't know how to export to an existing workbook, I've had to add in extra bits to format the results (remove blank rows), edit the header row, then save each worksheet to a seperate workbook.

    Apologies if the above is a bit too vague, but I was wondering if there was a way to do what I would like. It's no huge issue if not, it will just stop and awful lot of copy pasting.

    Hello all,

    I was hoping someone could offer guidance on the following VBA issue. I have code which creates and saves a text file with specific text while pulling from various cells in an excel sheet, it works fine. Where I'm having problems is, multiple people need to be able to use it, and I'm fed up having to tweak the file path code for every person, I've tried various variable methods and none are working, I'm a very amateurish amateur with code but am learning. Could someone check below and offer guidance with the Environ string and Shells?

    The FilePath string saves the file perfectly well on my (other users) desktop, however, I can't get the Shell code to work correctly when referencing the Environ("USERPROFILE") string. The first Shell line works very well, however the users PC must be identified for it to work, defeating the purpose of using the Environ string in the first place.

    Can someone please offer advice as to how I could get this to work?

    Thank you in advance!

    Hello all,

    I'm back again now with another annoying issue to do with loops (which, I'm slowly starting to understand but my mind is still being blown). Various tutorials have been looked at, the code below has been taken from Mr Excel and slightly modified but it still won't do exactly what I would like it to.


    I have a large spreadsheet of over 5,000 rows of data from columns A to T. This needs to be split across approximately 123 spreadsheets named after a specific nationwide region; Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus etc (as shown in column C on the example attached).

    Using the code below, I can get it to loop through the data and copy a region to a worksheet within the current workbook fairly successfully. However, there are some annoying issues.


    Number 1. I can't work out how to copy the information to a completely different workbook, only worksheets within the master book. When trying to set a workbook range to a workbook on the server it keeps failing, either I can't type in the file path (red text of doom whatever string I try) or the code just fails. All the files will be stored on a server; A:\Month\Main Folder\Regions\[file name here.xlsx].

    Number 2. When running the code as it is, it copies the two regions currently added to worksheets contained within the workbook, however, for Abdereenshire, the data is pasted from row 19, when it should be row 2. What is wrong with the code to make this happen? I have tried varying j yet nothing changes......

    I would like this code to copy region X and paste in to region X's workbook stored on a server, then move on to region Z and copy to region Z's workbook and so on.

    I've tried to work this out myself but have lost a good few hours trying varying solutions yet nothing is working. It's time to farm this out for any advice I can get. Code is copied below, and spreadsheet attached, all tabs included and code has been run to see what I mean with issue number 2.

    Thank you in advance.

    Hello all,

    I was hoping someone could help with a problem I'm having. I wish to generate a large number of emails from a list in Excel, but also attach specific files to each email. Please see the attached Excel sheet.

    In Column A I will have a long list of email addresses, approximately 180, in Column B I have a list of files which should be attached to a specific email, I can't work out how to get the code to loop through the list of attachments, it loops through and creates the emails perfectly well, the main file, in the code listed under the path F:\2017\Sub\Main File Here.docx, must be included in every single email, however a separate Excel sheet should also be included. Eg: email1 = Excel Sheet 1, email2 = Excel Sheet 2, each email will have a differently named excel sheet.

    I know it's probably something every simple, I'm just not able to get anything working.......... Getting very frustrated too. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Hello all,

    I've been modifying some code which was put in place to create a text file which can then be copy pasted as required (a requirement for my job is to create reports on a regular basis, this speeds it up as all I need to do is change a few excel ranges). I want to roll it out to collegues however I want to keep the code locked down to prevent any mishaps. To do this, I need to use the Environ string to create a file on their desktop, however, once done, I would like the file to then be opened to aid copy pasting. Previously, when just myself was using it, I linked it to my desktop only, the file was created and opened perfectly, howeve,r now using the Environ("USERPROFILE") string, it won't open. Could anyone provide guidance on how to get it working?

    Please see the code below.

    The first Shell line (see end of code) worked fine when FilePath was set to my desktop. Now FilePath is set to Environ("USERPROFILE") it won't work. The second Shell line is shown for info, I have tried varying combinations using quotations and parenthesis around the whole string and small section but to no avail. While automatically opening the file is not necessary for what I need, it will help speed things up.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.