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    Hello Sir,
    Hope you are doing Great, Sir what if I want to use worksheet(ws3) range (a1: t28) as a email body . how it can be done ?
    Thank you




    Hello sir,

    I just got an error, Everything is working fine when outlook is open.

    1) but at the time with closed outlook .. error of automation “disconnected from client “ error is coming when uncommenting (" “.send "” )with closed outlook.......//////

    When (" '“ ‘.send is for only comment “") with outlook closed then its fine ...


    2) sometimes also getting an error of outlook contact library.

    Please assist. Thank you ..

    yes, your are right sir, Active X components error 429 is occurring in both codes. when outlook is closed, Sometimes error of Automation and Hidden Modules error in other PC's. Either its Getobject() or CreateObject().

    Post the code or workbook so I can check.

    Good morning sir,
    Thank you for your frequent replies. Please find the attachment I changed the below line while getting the errors and few columns.

    Set olApp = GetObject(, "Outlook.Application") 'Late binding

    Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Applicaiton") 'Late binding


    one quick question sir ,

    If i want the entry should write from row 5 of column A , then where i have to make changes ... i tried like this but it didn’t work for me .

    Set f = ws2.Columns("A").Find(ws.Cells(c.Row, "A"), ws2.[A5])

    Set f = ws2.Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Offset(1)

    Sir after running the code I just got this error. I changed ------

    [SIZE=13px]Dim variable types to Object------Change Set lines-----change constant variables to their values.

    I also Unchecked it from[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=12px]Tools > References > Microsoft Outlook xx.0 Object Library
    Tools > References > Microsoft Word xx.0 Object Library[/SIZE]

    or Do I Have to keep it Checked in one system..

    Hello Sir,
    Hope you are doing great , sir everything is working perfect but the only this is with the below code because as my file is in network drive and every computer has different version of outlook sometime getting error in some computers , Compile error in hidden module .
    is it possible to remove outlook version limitations??? and also do I have to do tools>reference>object library for every computer???

    Thank you

    Sub EmailByDateDue2()
      Dim ws As Worksheet, ws2 As Worksheet, r As Range, c As Range
      Dim u$, d$
      Dim f As Range, sig$, SentOnBehalfOfName$, body$, user$
      'Tools > References > Microsoft Outlook xx.0 Object Library
      Dim olApp As Outlook.Application, olMail As Outlook.MailItem
      'Tools > References > Microsoft Word xx.0 Object Library
      Dim Word As Document, wr As Word.Range

    [SIZE=13px]I am getting Run-time error 91 at gRibbonUI.Invalidate. while running Macro[/SIZE]

    sir after f8 on each line ..its showing at this place , Run-time error 462 said the remote server machine doesn't exist or unavailable . Even my outlook is also open

          Set Word = .GetInspector.WordEditor
          Set wr = Word.Content
          wr = body

    Thank you so much sir ,its Working amazing now everything is Working perfect just want to know few things

    1) How unique number are working to stop the macro for sending it twice to same email.?

    2) after sending email ,if we later increase the number of days left mean changes in start and end date , we Also first have to remove the entry from log sheet ? Is there any way that the full log sheet get clear by itself in every 2 month or 3 months on selected day.

    3) If I want to CC one or more people ,how can I do it ?

    4) sir as we have user as PrakashPC can we also add excel user there because to login in workbook i have different excel id/username?

    Sir, I added two extra Column in my Log sheet for unique number =row() and formula countif,. Please have a look.

    Sir, we always Change the master data with New start and End date , and sometime we also change name and email Address , to give a person the new time frame every time for each serial number to finish things ontime and we remind them by email when only 100 days left.

    Really Thank you sir now its working perfectly ,

    [SIZE=13px]the email are going as I wanted [/SIZE]

    , but the only missing thing is As I call the macro in open workbook , every time I open the workbook its sending the email again or twice to the same serial number which is already been sent before.

    Sir to control it you already gave a solution
    "[SIZE=13px]You need the log sheet to have a unique number to make sure that it does not resend the next time is ran. I used serial number. If you don't do something like that, then you need a helper column to mark that shows email was sent." but how I can implement it so that it should not go twice to the same Serial number" .[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=13px]How Can I Add a helper column or unique numbers?

    Please Assist.[/SIZE]

    Hello sir ,
    Now the maco is started to work Just tested and recived 1st email with signature without any error in code but there is few thing happening here..

    1) Macro is trying to send email to All serial numbers whether its day reached to 100 or below "all" and keeping the outllook open for all emails after sendings also. Can we put the range 95days to 100 day only .
    2) Sometime when macro is running for all serial number , its skipping between Email Id and contact number "somtime taking Email Id and somtime taking contact number at reciepent"

    Thankyou sir for the Code .

    Good Morning Sir, Wish You a Wonderful Day.
    Sir I tried to insert the code but still getting the same error.. Please check.