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    This is going to be an easy win for one of you guys but its got my head aching as it is not as straight forward as I thought it would be!

    I have a multipage userform, the first page is working just the way I want, the ability to search, edit and add new staff. Now I need to start working on the second page which will essentially be allocation of work etc. Most of the time this will all be done from page two but I would like the option to be able to click a different command button on page 1 which will then jump to page 2.

    Any thoughts?


    I'm fairly new to VBA but have been having some degree of success, but this has got me well and truly stumped. I have a form with a list box, several text boxes and two combo boxes. When the form loads, the list box is populated with staff names and when a staff member is selected all the information relating to them populates the text boxes and comboboxes - all good so far.

    The issue arises when I want to edit the data in the boxes, I am using the code below to send the data to the worksheet...

    This succesfully sends only the first change, the other two remain exactly the same regardless of what changes have been entered. Interestingly though, if I deactivate the first row with an ' (apostrophe) then the second line is the only one which changes. It feels like I am missing something really obvious but I cannot figure it out.

    Any help gratefully appreciated!