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    Works perfectly!

    Thanks a lot jolivanes. I just changed sheet names and add some small things.

    Now I plan to modify this code to copy from different sheets and paste it to different sheets.

    From every worksheet "U_Emiss_t" to one worksheet "All_U_Emiss"
    From every worksheet "R_Emiss_t" to one worksheet "All_R_Emiss".

    Anyway you saved me tons of time. Thank you again.


    I need a macro, to copy specific column from multiple workbooks and then paste it in master workbook. All workbooks are in one folder with .xls extension.

    Every single file has the same style, with the same number of sheets, names etc.

    For example:
    Macro is in master woorkbook named "All data". Main worksheet where I need to paste columns is "List". Location of all files is C:\Documents.

    I need to copy data from every single file I choose:
    Worksheet "U_Emiss_t" from range D1:D191.

    Then I want to paste it in master workbook, in worksheet called "List". I need to start from column D, because in columns A, B and C I have some constant data.
    Macro should be able to find first empty column and then paste.

    It's a problem because I always used a macros with pasting rows, not columns, and my skills are on begginers level.

    I need this because I have more than 200 files to process (every single week).

    I would be happy with all kind of help, and if you need some more informations, feel free to ask.

    P.S. I can't upload an example file because of fragile data.