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    The form is on a userform that was created in a worksheet. You are definitely right that it is easier to amend by opening the database, however, there are 68 records within the database and it would be so much easier if the user could open the userform and type in the updates (this is what the help instructions imply can be done, but it doesn't work).

    I have created a template to use as a form when filling in a database and it works wonderfully when I am adding a
    new record, however, I am not able to update a record within the database although I am doing exactly what the
    help list tells me to do.

    The help feature gives me the following instructions when I want to change a record within the database:
    1. Open the saved copy of the form.
    2. Change any of the information in the form.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Select whether to update the associated record or create a new record.
    5. Click OK

    The problem is that all of the instructions work until I click save but then, I do not get the option to update the record. Instead I get the option to either create a
    new record or continue without updating.

    Can anyone tell me if you have also had this happen to you and if so, how to get the record to update instead of
    having to create a new record each time you want to update information in the database. I'm stumped.
    Thank you!