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    Good Morning!
    I attached a mockup and it has 3 separate sheets to compare so you can get an idea of what I'm running into. What's happening is if 1 rep. only has 5 items that apply to a phone call, they get more hits when a negative item is marked. Then say another rep. has all items that apply to their phone call, their No's are counted a lesser points removed, leaving it not equal between people and scenarios. Sheet 1 and 2 show the ratio difference I'm talking about (was completely my fault because I didn't realize it would work out this way). Sheet 3 shows how I need it to work, which is basically, the N/A column to also be a positive, IF it doesn't apply. I appreciate your patience and help. I'm not the best at Excel and how it all works out in the end.
    If a calculation of possible score renders everyone with the same opportunity, no matter how many Yes's apply, then yes, that would be what's needed.

    Ali, I used it and think I gave incorrect information. :( I have been playing with it but have had no luck. It does need the N/A column. Is that possible? If it's not, I can just mark yes, whether it applies or not but I completely didn't know if would affect the score (opportunity for higher score) without being in there. Anyway you could help me again? (I feel so bad for asking again being I didn't understand how it would work.)

    Yes! I seems to work exactly how I want it to. I will begin using it immediately and let you know if any other questions pop up! I do have another question. If I want to change the weight on items, can I simply update the number in column A and it'll take without having to do anything else?

    Good Morning and Happy New Year!

    First, let me say thank you for all of your help so far. I greatly appreciate it!

    On the form, I would say that I only need the columns that have Y/N in them, since the N/A column means it doesn't apply to that phone call. That way, if it's not factored, it doesn't affect the score (right?). On the automatic fail, they just 1 of them marked and that would cause it to be a failing call. So, if any one of those 3 things happen, they automatically fail. I did play with the numbers the other day and when I changed the weight on those failing items, I really increased it, and it would compute an overall score of 1% but couldn't get it to go any lower than that (that was with all "yes's" and one autofail).

    Yes! For the columns. I notice you put Y and N in the same, which is great. When I get to the Automatic Fail and type Y, it doesn't change. Can that weight be really high to somehow bring the score a lot lower (basically that's a huge fail). And in the future, if the weights need to be adjusted, is that something I can just type over?

    Let me try to explain what it is. It's a call scoring form for a Call Center. Items that are marked as Y and N if they were completed correctly. I have a cell that averages the Y's and N's to compute a %score but I need some of the items to have more weight than others. I will attach a workbook.

    I have created a form and the average is computed based off of "Yes's" and "No's" rather than numbers. This is in two columns and they're averaged in a separate cell. I need to put weighted numbers on the yes's and no's due to their importance. Is this possible using a simple letter? If so, can someone guide me? I appreciate any help!