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    I am trying to update a co-worker’s macros in their Excel. I had no problems with any of the others, but this one has me perplexed. I go into Excel, create a macro, I create a button and assign the newly created macro to it. I tell it to save it to the personal macro workbook so that it will be available the next time I open Excel. It creates the file and puts it under XLSTART (where it is suppose to go). My problem is, whenever I open up Excel, it will NOT automatically open the personal.xls file.

    I have tried to bring in the personal.xls file, but when I click on the macro button, it tells me to assign a macro (which I had already done before saving the personal.xls file). I like the use of the personal.xls file because, NORMALLY, it hides it and still opens up a blank file. I have tried unloading Excel and removing any personal.xls files ... then re-loading Excel from scratch. It just seems that something is preventing the personal.xls from automatically loading up in Excel and it doesn’t stay loaded.

    it just has me very frustrated.