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    This is my first post. Thank you in advance for taking the time to assist me.

    I have a formatting question that involves calculations. I have data with several columns, with the focus on 2 columns, namely the 3rd column ("C") and the 8th column ("H"). Column "C" has repeating values and column "H" has their corresponding totals. I need to summarize the values that are found in column "C" and their respective sums at the end of the data (number of rows vary from time to time), numerically in their order as they may appear with a slight variation. The values in "C" can be 11,12,14,21,23. They may not always appear but I need to make sure they are checked if found and listed below with their totals. I did not find exactly what I need, just a combination of these steps separately but not sure how to put it together cleanly. I am sorry if this is unclear. Please let me know if you need more info.

    The formatting part involves other information that needs to summarize the data. It should look like this at the end. Column I7 holds the sum of H1:H6, I8 holds the sum of all values for "14", I9 holds the sum of all vaule for "21", and H10 holds the sum of the values for "14" & "21" in column I. The values in column "D" in each respective sum row will also need to be part of the coding.