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    That is as close to a work of art as I have seen as far as excel formulas go. Or some type of operational mathematics poetry. Either way, both subject matters make my head spin, leaving me incredibly frustrated and confused.

    I decided to track the steps using the excel formula operators and wrote them down and attached them to this response, simply to show that I am attempting to understand it and not just sitting back and having you do all the work for me. I would like to be able to construct these on my own as well.

    I do understand the theory behind constructing the formulas, such as getting excel to identify the cells you are looking for by attaching a number or word value that only those cells have in common [For example, a "1" or "FALSE"], and then instructing excel to return the text from the first intersecting row that has a cell value of "1" or "FALSE," depending on what you want to accomplish. Unfortunately, I just get terribly confused in the process as this is not a particular strength of mine!

    Would you mind explaining the logic in plain English from each step to the next so I can understand how you applied the theory to make the formula work as I had requested? I would be happy to make a new topic post and send you the link as that might be considered a better way to help others who struggle applying these same concepts in excel.

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    Hello all,

    This is my first post to the help forum, so I hope I have made what I am looking for as clear as possible and that it might help others with similar questions. It is hard to find help for this specific problem because of the way it is worded. Especially because I am not looking to match items but to find list items that have not yet been taken into consideration.

    I have attached the example I am dealing with to this post.

    The objective is to return the elements that remain from the index E152-E166, in order, compared to the opposing index G153-G162, the list of items that have already been selected. The resulting list location should be in cells E169 and down until there are no longer any items that have not been considered.

    So I am trying to use one formula that I can paste from E169, E170, E171 etc and when there are no more items left to return, it leaves all additional cells blank. IE. the excel command "".

    Thanks so much for the assistance,