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    Hi All!

    I need to paste in a formula into column AA9, based upon the criteria in column A9, and then loop down to the end up my data. As an example, if Column A9 = 600, I would paste in the formula =(0.5*Q9)+(X9*0.01), but if A7 = 602 then I would paste in the formula =IF(((X10-101.3-AB10-AC10-(0.35*X10))*0.2)>0,((X10-101.3-AB10-AC10-(0.35*X10))*0.2),0). I know how to do this, but my issue is, I am not sure how to paste these formulas in with the proper row number. When I loop down to AA10, I need the formula to use the cells in the row. For 600 it would be =(0.5*Q10)+(X10*0.01).

    This is what I have so far...

    Sub test()
    If Range("A9") = 600 Then
    Range("AA9").Formula = "=(0.5 * Q9) + (x9 * 0.01)"

    ElseIf Range("A9") = 602 Then
    Range("AA9").Formula = "=IF(((X9-101.3-AB9-AC9-(0.35*X9))*0.2)>0,((X9-101.3-AB9-AC9-(0.35*X9))*0.2),0)"
    End If

    End Sub

    This works for this once cell, but of course that is it... Thanks for any help you can provide!