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    Hello again,

    I hope its alright I post on this forum again. I have another question and you were so helpful last time. I am attempting to write another Macro that will copy certain columns form one worksheet into a specific column in another worksheet. The macro basically works, however it doesn't copy the values for 2 of the columns in the destination sheet. I will attach my workbook, as well as the code that I am running.

    Here is my code:

    As you can see, I have just repeated the same step over and over. It worked for the copy into columns C, D, and F. However, columns E and G did not copy. I don't know why it would only have worked for a couple of the columns. Can you please help me again?

    Sorry for the poor explanations/examples. Again I am very new to this. I have adjusted the example worksheet and reattached it for reference. To clarify. The rows highlighted in green in the "COPY FROM" sheet are to be copied, NOT cut, and then transferred into the "Final" sheet such that the final sheet is a smaller table. The criterion for the rows to be copied is that there is a nonzero value in Column A. Every row with a natural number in A should get copied, every row with a 0 in A should be left behind.

    As an add on, the number of rows in the "COPY FROM" sheet will eventually get longer, so expanding the range to greater than A21 would be useful for me.

    Thank you for taking the time to help a novice out!


    I'm VERY new to VBA, like, this is my first time trying to use it new. I have a sheet in excel (called Fedex) that is auto populated from a different sheet (invoice). I would like to copy entire rows from the fedex sheet that have a nonzero value in column A, such that in the new sheet I have a simple table of all items that have nonzero quantities. I have a module that is currently just copying the entire list into a new sheet, 0 rows included. Can someone please help me??

    This is what I have currently (mostly just a copy from something online with some edits I tried to add to get it working):

    Thank you!