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    Re: Replace Old Add-in With New

    Quote from shg

    I have both Office 2007 and 2003 installed, and would not be at all amused if Excel 2003 harassed me to switch to the newer version every time it was opened. I have had other software that did exactly that (RealPlayer was one), and it is no longer installed.

    If you have network administration privileges on those machines, people already hate you, so just force it on them. If not, sell the benefits of the new version, and allow them to make the right decision. If that doesn't work, make the new version better yet.

    I mean new version is my own changed add in[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]

    Quote from Dave Hawley

    Yep, nagware often doesn't last long on anyones PC.

    Your best is as shg suggested, make the new version better than the old and send it as an upgrade.

    but I must make sure that they cant use that old one version. Only can use new version and if not use programm stop and says that must use new version.

    Re: Replace Old Add-in With New

    I think that it is possible to do like this.
    I have two add ins test1.xla and test2.xla(my one). Customer need always use test1. and it is password protected(test). If I put some check code in it to test if test2 have let say test module and if it has it exit test1 and msgbox says that using wrong version.
    How can open password protected(knowing password) add inn and test modules?

    Re: Replace Old Add-in With New

    Sure that would be the easiest way, but how can be sure that they use latest version(they can easily reload the older version back and use it). I have taken away many modules (visible and hidden test modules) and I dont want they can use those later. So I must make some checkings that addin they use is really the newest one that dont have those modules.

    I have made one project add inn let say test.xla and it is not VBA code password protected. Now I want to stop project and protect my add in. How I can be sure that customer uses later that my passsword protected version. I can hide check code in another password protected add inn and user must use that add inn too if he want use my add inn.

    Re: Case Sensitive Textbox Validation Against Numbers

    why not check directly textbox

    Re: Automatically Run Macro From Validation List

    Quote from Dave Hawley

    Let's say you data validation cell on the Worksheet is A1. Use this code

    there is typo ( rTarget = strMacro) and it should be

    Re: Naming range based on cell contents

    try this

    Re: Copying Text from Within a Cell

    Copy cell(s) and in Word Edit/Paste Special and select unformatted Unicode(not sure how writing In English version). That copies clipboard contents without any formats to Word.

    Re: Using a Message Box to pick someone

    just change 3---> 2

    Sub Buton1()
        Static clicknumber As Long
        clicknumber = clicknumber + 1
        MsgBox Choose(clicknumber, "Tom", "Sally", "Jane")
        If clicknumber > 2 Then clicknumber = 0
    End Sub

    Re: Number Only

    Re: enter a time without using a colon - midnight conflict

    Brandtrock´s code don´t work ... this is corrected versio

    I see that this one can´t handle values 60-99...

    Re: Delete duplicate data in columns

    Funny thing is that I also find that today...
    also checking this new objects in EXCEL XP

    I was keen on this ones

    Thanks all !!!
    and Ranger´s solution was just what I need
    P.S were was typo in my first post... seems that I can´t count more than three :)