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    Hello people i am kind of a beginner so i might be little bit slow but here is my question. My vlookup function looks something like this =VLOOKUP("CC&",'CARS 1432 '!D57:J99,2,FALSE) - just an example, so what i am trying to do here is that every month i get an excel file, which is somehow similiar. I would like to just every month copy my table of functions and those will automatically took data from other sheets of that current workbook. What my question is, how do i copy that table of those function so it connects to current workbook, without having to physically delete from each that it comes from different workbook, like it automatically connects to sheets of current workbook, some symbol etc ? and not the one i am copying from also, lets assume they have same name but perfect would also be possibility to somehow not be connected to name of the sheet but number, they are always in same order .. but i can live without this second thing.