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    Apologies, there is an error - I used Cell instead of Selection.
    However I'm receiving this error upon running your file without changing anything which is because the error is there already.
    The error is in the code for table 3 where the variable NewCol is used for a second time.

    Try the code below:

    As far as I can tell, the data is already in the format you need?

    Did you want something that is capable of selecting a vendor which in turn shows you the lot number and contract/line based on that selection?

    or just something that is essentially exactly the same without the repetition of names?

    even if you can just draft something up, it would help to know what you mean.


    Only had a very quick look at this and can see the formula you tried to replicate in the "DataTable" is essentially the same cell reference in the raw data sheet.
    So what I did was have it select the new cell created and then edit the formula inserted to include this.
    If you did the same for all columns, that would give you the result you are hoping for in terms of that.

    Will have a better look on the weekend for the rest of your sheet, if someone hasn't got back to you by then!

    newCol1.Range(4).Formula = "=RawData!" & Cell.Address(0,0)[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/align]

    Hi all!

    First time poster so if I'm asking too much or my post is inappropriate in any way, please give me a heads up!

    I've completed the first part of my project which is a data entry user form which emails out the data collected as well as records it on a spreadsheet called requests.

    Essentially I need help with a second user form that will pull data from the requests sheet based on username.
    This is a shared workbook and will need to save the file each time an update is made to any row of data.

    I want to also create a password protected "admin" section that will pull all data regardless of the username.
    The admin function would also be able to copy the data in a new workbook (without deleting existing data)

    I've attached a blank version of the second userform for your help. I've not coded anything on the user form at all.

    I'm not expecting anyone to do the work for me (although it would be much appreciated!) but even links to guides or the right direction would be grand!

    Thanks in advance!