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    Yes Correct. Is that my issue PO is provided by customer so he can be alpha numeric or text etc ..
    This PO number is spitted and process into 2 orders 123456 (Rvn 3566) & 123457 (4986). I want that macro to highlight Revn and PO Column in Red if less than or in green if more than or equal 40K

    OrdNbrAccountBiltBilt NamePoRevn
    12345523456346562568069Cust XFR2568063555.615
    12345623456346563115133Cust X2018 03 073566
    12345723456346563115133Cust X2018 03 074986
    12345823456346565175186Cust XNVBY98S1125.668
    12345923456346563590413Cust X2018-BAT-01185.162
    12346023456346564898780Cust XTASK0096028176.776
    12346123456346565350076Cust XFR2005-7922-642331362.232
    1234622345634656810653Cust X18-002-007271.218
    12346323456346565996507Cust X18030200021095.011
    12346423456346566210799Cust XFR0135-6702-96457143.792
    12346523456346564577224Cust X3493409385.996
    12346623456346563046773Cust X2286071,VPN:P4317Q3555.615
    12346723456346563046773Cust X2286072,VPN:593-1029523545.1
    12346823456346563046773Cust X2286073,VPN:593-102951171.55
    12346923456346563046773Cust X2286074,VPN:593-1114552.042
    12347023456346562994754Cust X4502596934SAP3034834563.124
    12347123456346562003147Cust X21005630773870.016
    12347223456346562995777Cust XPO658572020.12

    Thanks for your reply.
    I am looking to copy data sheet and macro filter data for me. F column is not numeric but if you look at row 3 and 4 is the same PO, so total revenue for this PO is 8552 ... I want macro to check PO is the same calculate revenue and highlight if more than or equal 40K.