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    I would like a some help on opening up multiple excel WB that have individual network paths, save and close them.

    I would like to manage the paths in cells within a worksheet. There would be two columns: Workbook Name and Workbook Path and multiple rows.

    Workbook NameWorkbook Path
    2Workbook 1\network\folder1\Workbook1.xlsx
    3Workbook 2\network\folder2\Workbook2.xlsx
    4Workbook 3\network\folder3\Workbook3.xlsx
    5Workbook 4\network\folder4\Workbook4.xlsx

    I have notice in searching the forum the below code that would seem to be very useful. However I do not know I would implement this in my Worksheet.

    can anyone help advise please...

    Sub SO()

    Dim i As Long

    With ThisWorkbook.Sheets("PATHS")

    For i = 7 To Cells(.Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row

    If LCase(Mid(.Cells(i, 1).Value, InStrRev(.Cells(i, 1).Value, ".") + 1, 3)) = "xls" Then Workbooks.Open .Cells(i, 1).Value

    Next i

    End With

    End Sub

    [SIZE=14px]I would like some help in looking at writing some VBA to work out Outputs against dates.[/SIZE]

    What I am trying to achieve is to be able to write some VBA to to allow me to workout what my output of types of goods will be, by taken an Input number on a given day and times that by a failure rate and project the date forward by the numbers of days taken to delivery the goods.

    I have an Input Table for the Types of Goods and their sub types, Delivery Assumpions Table with Days to Deliver and Failure Rates and a Output Table.

    I need to match the Goods Type and Sub Types in Both Goods Input and Delivery Assumptions Tables.
    …I have a Input number (B5) and want to times that by a failure rate (B19), (10*.90) = 9
    ...then return that number in a cell (J9) with a date (I17)
    ...that is a date in the future which is a derived date from the date (A5) (01/04201) + the days in the Days Cell (B18) (11/04/2018)

    please see attached the .xls sheet and a screenshot...!AkTnzpwBhp_niWOQ0_GC008Rtzf3

    [SIZE=14px]Many Regards, Paul[/SIZE]