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    I'm working with aluminium. The size of aluminium in B8 determents the length used in F5 (value in F5). I've got a formula for that, but needs a pop-up message if the length exceeds the limits as in previous mentioned above. I do have a message, but it is only for one condition:

    Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()

    If Range("F5").Value > 720 Then
    MsgBox "Maximum H/S Size Limit for R11 = 780mm and for R9 = 720mm"
    End If

    End Sub

    Thank you

    I have 2 values for cell B8, which gives a result in cell F5. If cell B8 = 9, cell F5 must be < 720 and if

    [SIZE=13px]cell B8 = 11, cell F5 must be < 780.
    Can you please help me in VBA with the following: I need to display a message for each if the value is > the mentioned values above.

    Thank you[/SIZE]