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    I have this formula but it will find unique value from only that range. How can I find unique value from another column base on that SUMPRODUCT function?

    =SUMPRODUCT(--(Table2[Customer Type]="KEY"),--(Table2[SO Status]="Pending"),--(Table2[Time]=230) give me 97 unique values

    I want to find unique value on Table2[CustomerNumber] based on above criteria.

    Thank you!


    I have written a VBA code to copy after filter value on another workbook then paste to current workbook. But there is a problem is every month summary, they have different total items so that will cause total rows will not equal. If I copy by choosing whole column selection will make my data is not correct.

    Can anybody help me with how to select each row in column ( month) in source workbook and lookup value on another 2 columns value ( size and color) then lookup 2 columns value (size and color) in target workbook if those match value will copy the value to column (like column V)?

    Can someone help me to fix my code to link 2 module ActiveX combo box to act as a filter based on another combo box, please?

    In my test file, I want cboColor will show value based on selection on cboStyle.

    Hello, something like ,,

    That's awesome. Thank you so much Pike.

    I have changed 2 text box to sheet 2 to test.

    But another issue is 2 text box not show the correct number to edit. It only cache couple rows to show. If I edit that number, it will changed to another row, not correct row like show on combo box.

    How can I fix it?

    Good day

    I am new to VBA.

    I need help with a userform that I created to edit data from my table. When I click list drop down button on all 3 combo, they show me a very long list to choose from.

    How can I narrow the list with only the same value like we click on filter drop down button on sheet filter?

    And how can the second combo box only show values based on the first combo box?

    I attached my file for review.

    I hope someone may be able to assist me.

    Thank you so much.