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    I have a workbook containing 2 sheets. Sheet1-Col B, is where I enter names. I created a data validation drop down list sourced from Sheet 2 (formatted as a table) to assist with entering names. That validation list works fine.

    PROBLEM: I would like to keep the ‘select from list’ function AND add a ‘Unique value’ type condition to Sheet1-Col B so the same name cannot be entered twice. I know the formula =COUNTIF($B:$B,B2)<2 entered on the Data Validation formula section for Sheet1-Col B works to avoid duplicate entries.

    Can I keep the drop-down list and, also have a unique value type function in the same validation formula? If so, please help with how to do it. THANKS

    I am a novice working with spreadsheets and am trying to convert a functioning Google Sheets workbook I creaated to Excel. When I open the Sheets version in Excel most of the formulas do to work and/or update properly. I have attached both the Sheets and converted Excel versions. Basically, all data is extracted from the “Master” sheet.
    Any help will be appreciated!
    On the “HOA Scores sheet:

    • I am looking to the ‘Master’ sheet to find only rows where Col B IS NOT BLANK; and then return the values in columns B,E and F thru N.
    • Rows where Col B is blank should not show in the results at all… no “0” or blank rows.
    • I would like the returned rows sorted in descending order starting with Col N and continuing backwards thru Col F. (to break ties)

    On the “Male’s scores” (and similar) sheet:

    • Again, look to the ‘Master Sheet’ and select only the rows containing a “M” in col D; and return values in B,C and E thru N.
    • Also, again, nothing should be returned if any row where Col D is blank.

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