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    I've written a formula that takes a scan from a barcode "010500022346936951723020110100043", in the next cell, it finds the digits between the "01" in the beginning and the "17" towards the middle. I would prefer to have a userform where TextBox10 is where the raw scan populates, and label 13's text is the string between the two numbers while omitting the 0 in the beginning if possible.

    Here's the formula that I used, utilizes 3 cells which is why it's so muddy: =IFERROR(MID(LEFT($AI14,IFERROR(FIND("17",$AI14),FIND("10",$AI14)-1)),FIND("01",$AI14)+2,LEN($AI14)),"")

    Then in the next cell, I use the Value function to remove the 0 from there.

    Is there a way to do this, pulling the same data from TextBox10, then omitting the 0 if it exists in the beginning of the new number and then names Label13?

    wow, that sounds confusing. I haven't tried anything in VBA yet, I haven't found anything that really fit what I was looking for.

    I've tried on another board with no luck. I have a userform that has a combobox18 with names of employees. There is also a textbox that you enter the date. I need to reference the employee name, then go to the cell that has the same date as what's entered (preferably via a combobox as well, but it isn't set up like that yet, still have to figure that out). Where the two intersect, i need to populate that cell with the number of points that the user has selected from another combobox. I've attached a sample.Sample attendance tracker

    Any help would be so appreciated. I've been battling with this for like a week! It's probably simple, but I haven't been able to find a solution online anywhere. A few close ones, but nothing that worked.

    Good morning Oz crew! I've found a few things searching around but haven't actually found one that works specifically the way I require. I'm attaching a link to the spreadsheet / userform I'm using. Basically, if the user presses the commandbutton to display permanent employees, it should find all employees with "Comp" in cloumn I, and populate the appropriate cell values in the userform text boxes. I'm not copying all values associated with column I and I think that's what's throwing me off with this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here's the link to the example..…Employee%20List.xlsm?dl=0

    I've found many answers to my question and attempted to adapt them to my specific needs to no avail. Hopefully someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I have a worksheet ("Data") with a SKU in A, Description in B and Ref in C. All data has defined name (SKU, Description, Ref are the names).
    In my userform, ComboBox1 is a drop down list based on the SKU. Once the user selects a number from that drop down list, I need TextBox1 to populate with the Description and TextBox2 to populate with the Ref.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! I would show what my code currently is, but I keep starting over...

    If I were to do it that way, every user would require that program to be installed on their systems, really need to find a way to just print the online PDF through the VB coding without starting up a 3rd party program if possible

    I've gotten my userform to find the appropriate hyperlink and open internet explorer to the PDF (PDF is online). My last step is to get that PDF to print automatically (I would prefer the user never saw it) and close the internet explorer window. I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything that will actually print the PDF. Any help? I'll attach what I have for the module. When the IE window is manually closed, it throws out an error regarding the ie.stop statement.

    Const OLECMDID_PRINT = 6

    Sub Sample(addr As String)
    Dim IE As InternetExplorerMedium
    Set IE = New InternetExplorerMedium
    IE.Navigate addr
    IE.Visible = 1

    TimeOutWebQuery = 5
    TimeOutTime = DateAdd("s", TimeOutWebQuery, Now)

    Do Until IE.ReadyState = 5

    If Now > TimeOutTime Then
    End If

    IE.ExecWB 6, 2
    Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:03"))
    Set IE = Nothing

    End Sub

    OK, hopefully you fine folks can help me out with this one. Sheet 1 contains all product that was in house 1 week ago. Column C on this page lists the product by serial number and this list can be as short as 5 lines or as long as 500.
    Now, Sheet 3 contains the exact information, however; it's the current product in house, column C is still the serial number list and the length also varies.
    Sheet 2 is the archive sheet.
    I need something that will take anything that is on Sheet 1 but NOT on sheet 3 (these will be the units that have sold), remove it from Sheet 1 and paste it on Sheet 2 at the next available line.
    Honestly there are more questions regarding this workbook, but I'll tackle those after I get this figured out! [ATTACH]n1203435[/ATTACH]