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    Amazing, just 2 issues I can see.

    The first is when there are two sheets it seems to cut off the last row of data on the second file copied across, the second is how would I get the starting depositing position to be B:2 instead of A:1

    Great job BTW


    It's copying over all the rows on the data inputting sheet regardless of if they have completed data in them. Also the data is being dropped in with headers, the headers are on row 2 the data begins row 3.

    Hi Jolivanes,

    Thanks, for this, I have an nasty habit of inconsistency which I had carried over the master sheet. I've rectified this and it's working which is amazing Thank You.

    However a couple of bits I've noticed:

    -I'm Testing it with 2 sheets currently and the last sheet that is opened and copied is the only data on the destination sheet in the master workbook.

    -Also the data is bring dropped in Cell A3 which included the header row. How would I make it so only the entered data is copied across, this is located in cell B3 on the worksheets.



    Hi Mumps,

    Thank you for the quick reply,

    I've tried this and it gives a run time error 9 Subscript out of range.

    The line of code highlighted is, Set wsDest = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("DBEntry")

    Just another FYI the source files are macro enabled so am I correct in changing the extension in the VBA code to .xlsm.




    I’m after some assistance creating the correct VBA to do the following:

    -I have 14 workbooks all contained within the same folder.
    -The folders path will be “C:\Users\cowen\Documents\Yield Tracker V2”
    -Within these workbooks is a data entry sheet which is sheet fall but named, “DBEntry”
    -The layout of these sheets and the headers are exactly the same for all 14 sites which each have 1 workbook.
    I want to be able to copy across the data from the DB entry sheet, this will always be between column B and s however depending on the amount of data entered it may be 20 rows or it may be 200 rows. Once copied I was the information deposited into an Workbook called Yield Tracker V2 Master and within that sheet DB Entry.
    I would like all the data to merge rather than each workbook over-right the previous one.

    Any help is greatly appreciated Colin