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    Newer to exploring formulas in Excel... is there a way to combine functions that would allow me to sum a range of values and then top 5 those sums, including future data being input?

    Specifically looking at column H "Pretax" - needing to do 2 separate outputs

    1. Sum total of 12 lines consecutively (Jan-Dec of a given year) and then top 5 from all current/possible lines
    2. Sum total of 6 lines, skip 6 lines, sum 6, etc., and then top 5 from all current/possible lines
    (See attachment for further details)

    Originally I figured out formulas to do the first part (a sum offset and index row, respectively), but not the adding in of the sorting. Trying to figure out if there's a way at all to have a singular formula that would do what I'm looking for it to, plus be responsive to any future data we put in so as not to remember to have to re-calculate at times needed. If what I'm looking for isn't possible, no worries! In that case I'll make a note to whoever enters figures then to be sure to do the sorting portion at certain intervals throughout the year. Thanks!