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    Hey everone,

    the attached file is a replica of bank statement downloaded from bank website I want to sort out balance for each last date.

    Example column A contain transaction date now i want to sort what is the last balance on 01-06-18,02-06-18 and so on like for 01-06-18 balance will be E9, for 02-06-18 balance will be E19 an so on for every date but it is quite hectic if i start analyzing yearly statement so kindly help me out is there a way to do this in excel automatically.

    Hello All,

    I don't know if it is possible or not i am searching for a vba code which can pull FD interest rates from different bank websites i am attaching my excel file so may be you can get an idea what i want to achieve.

    I am trying to make up an excel file through which i can compare different bank FD rates for every day so i can take decision which bank offering highest interest rates but if i take 15 banks then updating their data daily from their websites will become so hectic that is why i want a vba code which can update that data daily

    I have taken only some banks now but planning to include many more banks. The summary sheet insert will make comparison easy to see.

    whenever i run macro on cell like F13 it copy the date of F13 to cell BC1 and then copy value of cell C4 and paste it in adjacent cell of F13 i.e G13. But what i want it paste value special in adjacent cell so that when i run the macro on another date like cell F14 then calue of cell G13 did not get change and one more thing is there a way that macro automatically run on aeach cell i.e. from F5 to F30 and keeps on pasting value in the adjacent cell so that i do not have to run macro again and again on every cell i,e F5 to F30.

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    Sub Macro1()
    ActiveCell.Copy Range("B1:C1")
    Range("C4").Copy ActiveCell.Offset(, 1)
    End Sub