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    I am working with a workbook that has 25 sheets(Tabs). I would like to jump to another sheet with the macro below, but it doesn't not work, I get Run Time error 9 on Thisworkb..... I couldn't find help online.

    Hello Rapsofty!

    YES I am trying to enter a password to unprotect a sheet. When the password window shows up, instead of entering the password I hit ESC, the password message goes away and the sheet becomes UNPROTECTED!

    I isolated the problem in a very small spreadsheet with two macros. The first macro with a button calls for the second macro which begins the procedure to enter a password. But a few days ago by mistake I hit the ESC key; the sheet became unprotected! Since then I been trying to find a routine to TRAP the action on the ESC key pressed and manage it, but nothing works! If you are really interested in solving this problem create a spreadsheet with the two macros I described above. There are loads of people looking for this fix and none of the fixes published work!

    WHILE the message box is open ready to receive the password and the

    [SIZE=13px]ESC key is pressed instead of entering the password; whala! the worksheet opens unprotected! Is there a way to disable the ESC key in a macro. I have tried many ways and they don't work!


                    Sub Password_Check()
                    On Error GoTo Message
                    Exit Sub
                   MsgBox "BAD PASSWORD = STRIKE ONE"
                   Application.Run "Password_Check2"
                   End Sub